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STORY: NATO has pledged to increase its support for Ukraine.
She announced on Tuesday that she would help Kyiv rebuild energy infrastructure, which was severely damaged by Russian shelling.
That came after the NATO chief said Moscow was using the winter cold as a "weapon of war."
"Russia is using brutal missile and drone strikes to keep Ukraine cold and dark this winter."
Since October, Russia has been launching heavy attacks on Ukraine's power grid almost every week.
Kyiv says it is a deliberate campaign to harm civilians and calls it a war crime.
British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly accused Putin of trying to "freeze Ukrainians into submission".
"I don't think it will be successful. In fact, I know it will not succeed because they have shown tremendous resilience and we will continue to support them during these difficult months."
Russia admits the attack on Ukraine's infrastructure, but denies knowingly trying to harm civilians.
Meanwhile, soldiers on the ground in Ukraine say they will start fighting when winter starts to bite.
Heavy rain and falling temperatures are making conditions along the front even grimmer.
"What can I tell you? We're more or less fine, but now it's a little more difficult because of the rain and the light frost. It's a swamp. You can see for yourself. It's a bit dry today... But it it's okay, we'll hold on."
Some military analysts believe Ukraine will try to keep up the pressure on Russian forces over the winter to prevent them from digging in and settling down.
Wladimir Putin
President of Russia
James Clever
British politician

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