NBA players learn how much money they'll lose by skipping Disney World restart

NBA players are not required to sign up for Disney World to resume the season.
However, they are docked due to missed games if they voluntarily suspend - an option that has been reported to be considered by multiple players. On Tuesday, they learned exactly how much it will cost to skip the Disney celebrations.
According to an NBPA memo by Shams Charania of The Athletic, players in the 22 Disney World invited teams who don't want to participate will have their salaries reduced by 1 / 92.6 for each missed game that missed up to 14 games.
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Players have until June 24 to make a decision.
According to the memo:
“It is important that every player understands that they have the right not to return to the game. Any player who exercises this right will not be disciplined. In order to respect the decision of those returning to the game, it was agreed that any player who chooses not to participate will reduce their compensation for each missed game by up to 14 games, up to a limit of 14 games, even if theirs The team plays more than 14 games in Orlando.
"There are no further wage cuts (e.g. fines for missed exercises) for a player's decision not to return to the game." Any player wishing to exercise this right should notify their team of this choice by June 24. "
Dwight Howard has indicated that he is not interested in playing in Disney World. (AP Photo / David Zalubowski)
Players in good teams run the risk of further cuts
The 22 teams that register with Disney World will play eight games in the regular season before the playoffs begin. If players are docked because they missed up to 14 games, it means that absent players in teams that playoffs will experience further wage cuts.
Players who miss eight games receive a 8.6% salary reduction, while players who miss 14 games see a 15.1% salary reduction. Players in teams that are not good enough to be invited first will find that their salaries remain intact beyond the cuts agreed at the start of the COVID 19 shutdown.
Players who leave the bubble are subject to wage cuts
Players who exit the Disney World bubble without permission are reported to be quarantined for 10 to 14 days when they return. You must cut wages for games missed for quarantine.
Players classified by their teams as seriously ill with COVID-19 are considered "protected players" and are not subject to a salary reduction.
If a player is not granted this exception by his team, he can apply for the league's status as an "apologized player". A panel of three medical experts will then report whether a player is "excused" according to the report.
The report also describes the amenities players should expect at Disney World. Players stay in three different hotels based on sowing and offer several entertainment and maintenance options.
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