NBA report backs referees, says Jimmy Butler was fouled on late plays

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - The NBA announced Saturday that two calls made to Jimmy Butler in the last minute of Game 5 of the NBA Finals were held in the league's usual close-match review.
The calls the Lakers struggled with stayed 46.7 seconds and 16.8 seconds, with the first being Markieff Morris and the other Anthony Davis. Butler made all four free throws in those games, and the Heat won 111-108 to extend the streak to Game 6 on Sunday.
"I felt like two bad calls ended up getting Butler's turn, you know, and that's unfortunate in a game of this size," said Lakers coach Frank Vogel after the game. “Anthony Davis has perfect verticality and should be a game. And before that, Markieff Morris had his hands on the ball, it should be a game. "
However, the league disagreed on Saturday's last 2 minute report - the usual review of all calls (and calls that weren't made) in the last two minutes of tight matches. It was said that Morris hit Butler's left arm during a game where the Heat Star was driving down the lane and slumped over a video board for a few seconds to catch his breath after a missed shot.
At the second game, the league said Davis jumped into Butler and made contact.
"A few, you know, questionable calls that staggered their way and got Jimmy on the free-throw line," said Lakers forward LeBron James. "Of course we can't."
There were two calls the Lakers should have gotten, the league said, even though they cost LA at most a point. James, the league said, was fouled 1:01 by Butler and should have received two free throws - but in the same game, James grabbed the offensive rebound of his own failure and scored, so the Lakers got the two points anyway.
The other missed call that put the Lakers at a disadvantage was a 3-second defensive injury against Miami's Andre Iguodala, about 28 seconds ahead. The Lakers also scored in that game as Davis scored an offensive rebound, creating a 108-107 lead.
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