Nearly 2,000 drones form stunning revolving globe in sky during Olympics' Opening Ceremony

When international singers performed John Lennon's “Imagine”, the athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were treated to a breathtaking drone show that resulted in a spinning ball in the sky.
It was one of the most beautiful moments of the opening ceremony, which officially opened the catch-up competition on Friday. As more than 11,000 athletes from 206 countries stared at the sky, 1,824 drones lit up to form the Tokyo 2020 emblem. And within a few minutes, the drones had turned into a spinning globe.
Pictures from the stadium show how big and how close the globe felt to the athletes and helpers on site.
Athletes and volunteers watch a drone form a ball in the sky above the Olympic Stadium during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games opening ceremony, July 23, 2021. (Andrej ISAKOVIC / AFP via Getty Images)
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CNN's Selina Wang captured a small portion of the transformation outside of the arena. It took place a little above the uppermost section and outside the actual arena.
The theme of the games this year is “United by Emotion” and should reflect the unifying power of sport. The drone ball was an unprecedented visual ad that was raved about on social media on Friday morning.
The ceremony included interesting fashion selections ranging from hits to complete failures, and love-or-hate pictograms were brought to life, with dancers portraying each of the games' 50 disciplines.
The Olympics officially began with Naomi Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam tennis champion, igniting the Olympic cauldron. The games will run until August 8th, when the flame is out.
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