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Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel and Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger discuss Nebraska's hiring of Matt Rhule as the next head coach and whether he can return Nebraska to its former glory.
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PAT FORDE: The college world has changed since Matt Rhule was last at it in 2019. But a good solid football guy for a place that needs a good solid football coach.
DAN WETZEL: Nebraska gets Matt Rhule over the weekend. He turned it down last week. You calculate the numbers. He comes in, he's a speaker, he built Temple. He took over Baylor and did such a good job folks it's hard to remember how bad Baylor was in a situation. As if he had turned a disaster into a small hiccup.
And now he's got some NFL experience, which no matter how bad you're at the NFL, is still a bonus. And I think we all think Nebraska has tremendous potential because of their zero opportunities and fan base. And can you, can a guy like Matt Rhule fill the gap in where the hell we get players? Because the only thing missing from Nebraska is players. So Ross, thoughts on Matt Rhule.
ROSS DELLENGER: Yes, I was just there about six weeks ago. I spent three or four days there and they have everything but one thing. They have the resources, they have the, building a new $160 million football facility to replace a facility that most Power Five teams would like to have.
They fill the stadium, the fans are incredible. You're the only game in town. They got a lot of money, they got a lot of zero money. They have everything but a nearby recruitment base with lots of talent. They lack that.
Well I obviously don't know, it was a big rental. I think, yeah, it almost didn't work out. I think that was probably, you're talking to people in Nebraska, and this might be the third time they've come back to Rhule. When I spoke to him for the first time a few weeks ago, for whatever reason, it didn't work out.
And they're circling back because I think there were quite a few people who currently have college jobs that didn't want the job in Nebraska. I do. And so they had, circling back to him. And in the end it worked. I think they really got who they wanted in the beginning. I really think they were focused on him being the guy it seems.
And yes, he has an incredible college resume. Incredible turnarounds at Temple and Baylor. He is, he is a guy who wins the press box, or the guy who wins the press conference. You saw it yesterday like he was a preacher's son. I mean you could say that. He is enthusiastic and bubbly and talkative. And man, you can see why he, why kids want to play for him. So he has to find players. He needs to take him to Lincoln, Nebraska. That's about all they lack.
PAT FORDE: Yeah, I mean, I thought they did absolutely everything they could to get Matt Rhule. One thing, and I think that will be fine, the college world has changed since Matt Rhule was last at it in 2019. We all know the big changes. The transfer, immediate transfer of rights and NIL.
But he's a smart guy. He has actually been unemployed for eight weeks. He probably had a chance to further his education knowing he would return to the college game and start working on staff and everything else. So I don't think it will be a big obstacle but a good solid footballer for a place that needs a good solid football coach.
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