Netflix's Crime Scene anthology series to explore the twisted history of L.A.'s Cecil Hotel

Crime Scene, Netflix's new anthology on true crime, aims to stand out by devoting each season to a location rather than a murder. Season 1 begins at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, a hotbed of death, murder, and mystery that also houses two separate serial killers in Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. Director Joe Berlinger, the true crime veteran behind the Paradise Lost trilogy, sheds light on his exploration through the strange case of Elisa Lam, a college student whose disappearance was sparked by a viral video of a very bad in one of the Cecil's elevators shows strange behavior.
The above footage can be seen in the anthology's first trailer, as well as the other murders and secrets unpacked during the season. Berlinger speaks to former employees, police officers, journalists and medical experts about the history and mythology of the hotel.
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Check out the refrigerated trailer below:
"The Cecil Hotel is a certain place, but the point of view is universal - everyone knows that one house at the end of their street where notoriously chilling things have happened, and the Cecil Hotel is that for Los Angeles," Berlinger said in one of Netflix's shared Q&A. “It has taken on an urban legend with a long history of mysterious events and crimes, including the housing of two notable serial killers: Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger. The location provides a very relatable entry point for telling true crime stories and looking at these places from a historical standpoint and deconstructing how they became infamous. The Cecil was a LA gem when it was built in 1924. So we wanted to examine how it decayed, which is directly related to the social and cultural changes that have taken place in downtown Los Angeles over the course of nearly a century. "
The first season of Crime Scene will be released in full on Netflix on February 10th.

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