Netflix ‘The Circle’ Season 2 Cast Includes *NSYNC's Lance Bass?!

1) Lance bass
"Fitness Model" (well, that's what his IG profile says!) Lance Bass is best known as a member of the * NSYNC boy band, where he and colleague Justin Timberlake, a Frosted Tips survivor, became household names. Today he hosts his podcast, The Lance Bass Show, and gets into internet mischief with his fiancé Michael Turchin. He also loves his dogs!
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2) Chloe Veitch
You may remember Chloe from the early quarantine hit Too Hot to Handle, which premiered on Netflix last spring. Thanks to her memorable appearance on the show, Chloe now has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, making her the biggest influencer (numerically) for the new season.
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3) Savannah Palacio
Savannah is a Los Angeles fashion and beauty influencer who shares a mix of product recommendations, tutorials, and outfit pictures on the gram. She also has a vlog that she promotes on her Instagram (as influencers do): "I almost didn't post that, but I needed a reason to let you all know I uploaded a YouTube video!" a recently read caption.
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4) Bryant Wood
Bryant Wood is a wellness guru, "healer" and "initiator" who works in the breathwork room, according to his Instagram. "I can't contractually tell you what happened, but if you call me telepathically, I'll have you," he wrote his post about joining The Circle's second season. He has also worked to "connect spirits on a global scale" and has a YouTube and Patreon called Modern Nirvana with a group of other healers.
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5) Courtney Revolution
Courtney is a podcast host and content creator based in Los Angeles. Not only does he host a pop culture podcast called "Overheard in the Pantry," but his live YouTube show "Green Chair Chats" recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. “What started when I was roaming around and showing off my Trader Joe's groceries has turned into me and the rebels investigating all the hot pop culture gossip, donating to charity, and having the discussions that should be held - unfiltered and unafraid." he wrote. Side note: Courtney also has very good taste in glasses.
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6) Lessa Saint
Lessa is a YouTube developer with nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram and multiple vlog channels, from beauty to family to ASMR. She writes about fashion and the "mompreneur" of her 18 month old daughter. (Oh, and according to her family's Instagram profile, Baby Saint # 2 is out!) Competitor Savannah has commented on some recent posts, so maybe they kind of teamed up on the show? Only time can tell ...
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7) Terilisha
Terilisha is a singer-songwriter with an EP called "The Blue Heart" and a single called "Sex So Good" which has 50,000 tracks on Spotify. She recently shared a reminder of her first meet and greet. "I remember being little and doing my autograph - to this day I've actually signed it," she wrote.
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8) Lee Swift
Lee Swift is a Dallas, Texas writer who looks like a decade or two older than the rest of the cast. He writes romance novels under a pseudonym and is also a ghostwriter (hmm ... sounds like the perfect skill for a catfish, but hey, who knows?). Oh, and he has 162 Instagram followers, which is very interesting for a show about competing for the top influencer.
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I mean, a lot of crazy things happened in 2020, so ...
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