New audio of Trump on January 6 insurrectionists: 'What I wanted is what they wanted'

Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, authors of the new book I Alone Can Fix It, which chronicles former President Trump's tumultuous final years in office, came to Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday where they shared exclusive audio files from an interview with Trump for the book. In the audio, which was full of processed falsehoods and conspiracies, Trump revealed that he and the Jan. 6 insurgents at the Capitol had a common goal.
"I wanted - I mean personally, what I wanted is what they wanted," said Trump. "They only showed up to show their support because I happen to believe that the elections have been rigged to a level that has never been rigged before."
Trump again lamented the fact that former Vice President Mike Pence did not personally decline the election on the day of the riot, a power that a Vice President does not have under the Constitution.
"I think the Vice President of the United States has to protect the United States Constitution, right?" Said Trump. “And it says very, very clearly to protect the United States Constitution. I don't think it's just supposed to be a statue that gets these votes from the states and hands them over immediately. "
Should he run again in 2024, Trump was asked if he would re-elect Pence as vice president. After Trump first said he would make that decision at some point, Trump continued, “I'm not tied to anything.” When asked what if Pence chooses to run against Trump in a hypothetical primary, Trump replied: “Everyone, it's a free country, isn't it? It is a free country. I always liked Mike. I was very disappointed, and so were many Republicans, very disappointed. "
In the run-up to the election, Trump had repeatedly said that he had to fill the vacant position on the Supreme Court after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election, because he believed that the election would ultimately be decided by the court. Trump apparently believed that after putting three judges before the court, they would rule in his favor. But the Supreme Court refused to hear any of Trump's election challenges, and it revealed why it believes they made that decision.
"I am very disappointed with the Supreme Court," said Trump. "What do you think they were afraid of?" asked Leonnig. "I think they thought it might be violent," Trump replied. “And the other way around it might have been violent, I don't know. I think they thought it was violent. "
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