New Beatles 'Get Back' Movie Sneak Peek Has Us Grinning Like Idiots

What if everything we knew about the Beatles' breakup was wrong? Peter Jackson's new documentary - Get Back - is ready to have everyone rewrite our legend of those famous mop-top badasses from scratch. Avid Beatles fans have known for years that the beginning of the end of the Fab Four was the recording of the album and the accompanying documentary Let It Be. This is the moment when tensions were at their highest, and although the Beatles knocked out Abbey Road in 1969; We were told that Let It Be was such a burden that the album was postponed and later released in 1970. So the facts are simple, aren't they? The Beatles didn't particularly like each other while recording / filming Let It Be and that was it.
This week Disney + released a look at that crucial point in Beatles history and wow, maybe everyone was wrong? Peter Jackson's new version of Let It Be is called Get Back and will hit theaters sometime in 2021 (but announced much earlier). Jackson immerses himself in 56 hours of unreleased footage and presents a new take on the recording of this album. In a new "Sneak Peek" (don't call it a trailer!) Jackson presents a series of images from the film to give fans a general "sense" of what the footage looks like and how it is theoretically new to film like his.
The result? Well, to borrow from a line from another album, the fun the Beatles make in this movie seems to be equal to the fun they make. The footage Jackson gives us wouldn't remind you of a band about to split up. This is the joyful, goofy, borderline-monty Python-esque version of the Beatles that you remember from the movie version of A Hard Days Night. Yes, historically we know that there has been tension and complaint. Yes, we can all read the interviews with the various Beatles about how hard it was to get this project off the ground, but it looks like the Beatles had a fucking blast for at least 56 hours when the cameras rolled. Plus, this movie is apparently finally about to reveal the entire infamous rooftop concert that was practically the last time the Beatles played live together.
Fans will likely remember that this isn't the first time Let It Be has had a slight makeover. In 2003, largely at the urging of Paul McCartney, Apple Corp. released Let It Be: Naked, an album that featured stripped down versions of the album's famous tracks that were reported to restore the songs' original intent. For some, however, Let It Be: Naked was just an alternate version and not the "real" version of the album. In other words, your local classic rock station is still playing the song versions of the 1970 album, which, somewhat controversially, were post-mixed by Phil Spector.
Will Get Back get into all this mess again? Will the movie be as painful as it is by joy? It's unclear, but one thing is for sure, if you like the Beatles, there was no way this sneak peek footage made you grin like a total fool on the hill.
The Beatles: Get Back will hit theaters sometime in 2021. The film is "directed" and edited by Peter Jackson in New Zealand.
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