New Biography Claims Trump Was "Frightened" to See Melania After Access Hollywood Tape Dropped

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By Cosmopolitan
New biography The Art of Her Deal claims Trump was "afraid" to see Melania after his Access Hollywood band leaked.
An unnamed source claims Melania was upset that Trump could have cost her the election.
A new biography about Melania Trump has just hit the shelves and wow. The tea is hot. In The Art of Her Deal, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mary Jordan gives readers an insight into how Melania Trump responded to Donald and said in a leaked Access Hollywood band from 2005: "Grab it on P * ssy ".
The leaked audio should have cost Trump the choice (but shockingly not), and Jordan writes extensively about how Melania responded. Apparently, Trump didn't even want to look at her at first.
"Trump was silent," Jordan writes about the then presidential candidate and his aides, who watch the video on October 7, 2016. "[Chris] Christie knew what Trump feared: facing Melania."
"Trump was so embarrassed that, as one person in the room remembered, 'he blushed; red rose up his neck to his ears,'" she continues. "'I think he understood early on that it would also have consequences for him at home.'"
According to Chris Christie, "everyone said, 'You should go upstairs and see Melania. Why don't you go upstairs now and see Melania?'" And another source said Jordan: "That night he seemed to be afraid of his wife deliver. ""
Video: The fake Melania conspiracy theory is back
It took Trump two hours to finally visit Melania, and she appeared to be showing her "anger quietly and deliberately" and seemed most concerned about how his comments would affect his chances of winning the election. An unnamed source claims Melania said, "Now you could lose. You could have screwed that up for us."
The future first lady finally released a statement: "The words my husband uses are unacceptable and offensive to me. This does not represent the man I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology. " and I focus on the important issues that our nation and the world are facing. "
For your information, Melania's chief of staff claims that The Art of Her Deal is filled with "wrong information and sources" and "belongs to the fiction genre", but um, buy it here.
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