New Coronavirus Cases Soar Worldwide and Surge in Some States — See What's Happening in Your Area

Cases of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus continue to increase across the country as states continue to reopen despite spikes after Memorial Day weekend earlier this month.
Although the number of new deaths has decreased, 20 states have reported an increase in newly reported cases in the past two weeks - including California, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Washington, Alabama, South Carolina, Utah, Arkansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii and Montana, according to the New York Times database.
States like Alabama and Wyoming had previously reported a drop in cases. Some have also seen their highest 7-day average of the entire pandemic over the past week - more than at the country-wide peak of the April outbreak.
According to CNN, data from Johns Hopkins on Tuesday shows that Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas have these record highs.
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In Florida alone, 3,207 additional coronavirus cases were reported on Thursday, June 18, the largest number of individual days since the outbreak began.
People dine in Florida when the state reopens
Experts warn that the southern state has "all the markings of the next major epicenter of coronavirus transmission," according to a team of researchers from the Philadelphia Children's Hospital and the University of Pennsylvania, CNN reported.
"The potential for the virus to spread there is very, very nerve-wracking and could have catastrophic consequences," said Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, opposite the point of sale.
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Arizona also reported a new daily high of 2,519 new cases on June 18, while officials in Texas warn residents that cases in cities like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are growing rapidly.
Last week, judge Lina Hidalgo, one of the most elected officials in Houston County, warned that the community was "on the brink of catastrophe," the Houston Chronicle reported.
In Utah - another state where more and more cases are occurring - said Dr. Angela Dunn, the state's epidemiologist, traced Utah's resurgence to the beginning of the reopening that began before Memorial Day.
"The timing correlates directly with our easing of restrictions," Dunn told The Times. "It definitely has something to do with it."
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Meanwhile, the number of new cases abroad is higher than ever. A record high of 166,000 was reported on a single day on Wednesday, according to the Times database.
According to CTV News, China, the virus's original epicenter, recently imposed new travel restrictions on nearly half a million people near Beijing to curb a new outbreak in the region.
After months without new cases in the region, 21 cases of the virus were reported on Thursday.
Brazil, South America's largest country, is the country with the second highest number of cases and deaths worldwide, second only to the United States.
As of Thursday, more than 2,186,983 people in the United States tested positive for COVID-19 and at least 118,071 people died.
Worldwide, the virus has made more than 8,380,000 people sick, with a worldwide death toll of at least 450,000.
As information about the coronavirus pandemic changes rapidly, PEOPLE strives to provide the latest data in our reporting. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest information on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO and local health authorities. PEOPLE has partnered with GoFundMe to raise money for the COVID-19 Relief Fund, a fundraiser that supports everything from frontline responders to needy families to organizations that help communities. For more information or to donate, click here.

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