New docuseries explores what it means to be Trans In Trumpland

Evonne in the documentaries Trans In Trumpland
Here's what's happening in the world of television on Thursday, February 25th. All times are eastern.

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Trans In Trumpland (topic, 3:01 am, full first season): Trans In Trumpland is a powerful documentary with a total running time of less than two hours. Filmmaker Tony Zosherafatain takes a road trip through four states with transphobic laws - North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, and Idaho - to chat with four transgender people of different ages and races when they deal with the anti-transsexuals or fight against guidelines implemented by the Trump administration. A trans man himself, Zosherafatain can tell his own story over the course of four episodes as he meets members of the community to clarify the intersections they face, whether it be race, immigration, or poverty acts. Trans In Trumpland doesn't just focus on these issues. It also shows how these four people try to overcome them on a daily basis. While certain directing and music choices are dramatic, the documentaries work because of the compelling subject matter, particularly the story of trans-Latinx immigrant Rebecca, who moved to the US with her mother at the age of 10 and was arrested three times by ICE. It's a step beyond negative headlines and offers a glimpse into the lived experience of those directly affected by laws like the discriminatory HB2 law, which prohibits trans people from using bathrooms and lockers that match their gender identity, or the Trans military ban. This documentary was produced by TransWave Films with Trace Lysette of Transparent as executive producer and is a must have. [Saloni Gajjar]
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The Dark And The Wicked (Shudder, 3:01 am, streaming premiere): “[A] feeling of morbid inevitability, of death laughing at mankind's faint platitudes about the power of love and God's plan, is at the heart of the The Strangers Writer Director Bryan Bertino's wildly efficient new film The Dark And The Wicked. This film is about both vicious nihilism and anything, and if at any point during its compact 95-minute runtime a character expresses hope or happiness, you can bet that fate will make them look like a fool. Even the moral message that lurks beneath the surface of many horror films is missing here; The evil in this film appears to be biblical in nature, but faith and virtue are no more effective in stopping it than denying its existence altogether. “Read the rest of the Katie Rife film reviews.
Punky Brewster (Peacock, 3:01 pm, full first season): “While the newest, most confident iteration of Saved By The Bell has found the sweet spot between the dated source material and today's comedic palette, the new Punky Brewster, just pulls donning an ill-fitting costume of an aged favorite without truly growing up, relying on old buzzwords and adorable sperm without discovering anything really fresh. And while a little thoughtless escapism and vaguely comforting warmth can't hurt, it's ultimately a continuation of a story that ended solidly over 30 years ago. "Read the rest of Shannon Miller's pre-air review and remember that if you ever feel the urge to play hide and seek, you should never hide in an abandoned refrigerator.
Luda Can't Cook (3:01 a.m., Discovery +, hour-long special): Chris Bridges, better known to hip-hop fans and people who love the Fast & Furious films as Ludacris, is apparently not a great cook. Chef Meherwan Irani wants to change that in this Discovery + special. We'd like to suggest that Luda might make some really excellent side dishes that play a prominent role in other people's meals. Seems like he's good at it.
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