New Hampshire Union Leader Breaks More Than 100 Years Of Tradition By Backing Biden

The New Hampshire union leader once again officially reprimanded President Donald Trump by supporting Joe Biden, his first Democratic presidential candidate in more than a century.
The conservative publication gave its approval on Sunday and praised Biden in a long editorial as a "caring, compassionate and professional official".
"Joe Biden may not be the president we want, but in 2020 he will be the president we desperately need," wrote the union leader's editors. "He'll be a president to bring people together and fix the ship of state."
The newspaper expects to "spend a significant portion of the next four years" disagreeing with Biden on political issues, including his stance on gun control and climate change. However, they noted that the former Vice President was “among the most moderate” of those vying for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 primaries, adding, “We hope this is a sign of the thoughtful and pragmatic will of President Joe Biden it's his."
In 2016, the union leader surprised readers and media professionals by supporting the libertarian Gary Johnson against Trump, breaking a 100-year tradition of supporting Republican presidential candidates.
Four years later, the newspaper's aversion to Trump has not changed.
"President Trump is not always 100 percent wrong, but he is 100 percent wrong for America," the editors wrote on Sunday. "Mr. Trump rightly points out that the COVID-19 crisis is not his fault, but a true leader must own every situation that happens on his watch. We may turn a corner with this virus, but the corner , around which we turn, is a dark alley with record infections and deaths. "
In 2015, Trump beat up union leader editor Joseph McQuaid as a "bad guy" and "real lowlife" after the newspaper named former New Jersey governor Chris Christie as president.
In an interview with CNNMoney that same year, McQuaid dismissed Trump's criticism as a "monologue tirade," adding, "He says I'm a dishonest man. He's dishonest and terribly confused."
News of the union leader's Biden endorsement came as Trump tried to support his re-election with a rally in Londonderry, New Hampshire. However, recent polls have shown that President Biden is up to 12 percentage points behind in the granite state.
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