New Mom Gave Birth in the Middle of Taking the Bar Exam ... And Finished!

What were you able to achieve during labor and in the hours after giving birth? If your answer is "bring another person into this world," that is enough. But mothers are amazing people, so we shouldn't be surprised to learn about new mom Brianna Hill, who passed her maternal bar exam during labor - and after giving birth!
"I thought I was only 28 weeks pregnant when I took the bar. When it was postponed to October and I would be 38 weeks old, I joked about taking the test from my hospital bed," Hill said of the Law.
Hill, a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago Law School, was one of many aspiring attorneys to take the test in special circumstances during the pandemic. Since the test was carried out remotely, the test participants were not allowed to leave their seats and not be within sight of the distant proctors.
Everything was fine when she sat down for the first test, the Multistate Performance Test.
"As soon as I got up when I was done, I knew my water was broken," she said of the law. "So I took my break, cleaned up, called my husband, midwife, and mom, cried because I was panicking a little, and then sat down to take the MEE [Multistate Essay Exam]."
This part of the exam consists of six 30-minute questions, and Hill was in active work immediately after it began. But she went on. Seriously, I could barely understand the plot of a sitcom during my labor, so color me mega impressed.
"The work really put the bar exam into perspective and it got lost very quickly," she told the website. Unfortunately, her baby wasn't ready to wait for her to complete the text. Hill wasn't finished when she had to go to the hospital to deliver her baby.
Even so, this very determined mother has come up with a new plan to finish the exam the next morning. Which actually makes sense. In the hospital you have extra hands to help with the baby and not much else to do. Also, she probably didn't feel like going to college to retake the exam with a newborn at home. After the hospital staff gave birth at 10:10 a.m. the next morning, they set up a quiet room so she could finish the test.
"I did the rest of the test there and was even able to breastfeed the baby between sessions!" She said. "Of course I really hope that I passed, but I'm usually just proud of the fact that I prevailed and finished."
If she can focus in these circumstances, we have no doubt Hill will be a formidable force in court.
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