New photos shows lead-up to Black Lives Matter 'hero' rescuing white man

People are depicted around the man while one man gestures to another. (Vincenzo Lullo / SWNS)
New photos show the moments before a Black Lives Matter protester brought an injured white man to safety over the weekend.
Patrick Hutchinson was described as a hero after being seen carrying the man over his back. He said he did this to prevent the man from being injured.
Violent clashes in London between police officers and extreme right-wing demonstrators followed, saying they showed up to defend statues.
Hutchinson and his friends intervened when they saw an encounter with the white man near the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday.
Some people can be seen around the man. (Vincenzo Lullo / SWNS)
A lot of people are watching. (Vincenzo Lullo / SWNS)
He said the man was down and he and his friends had moved to prevent him from being trampled on.
The photos show men standing around the person, blocking viewers and apparently gesturing other people to stay away from the man.
Hutchinson told the BBC: "I shoveled him into a firefighter's suitcase and walked him out with the guys around me, protecting and protecting me, and protecting this guy from further punishment."
"I didn't think, I just thought of someone on the floor. It wouldn't end well if we didn't intervene.
"We did what we had to do. We have prevented anyone from being killed. "
Hutchinson, a personal trainer and grandfather, took the man to police officers and it was reported that the white man said nothing.
A crowd gathered during the incident. (Vincenzo Lullo / SWNS)
The latest protests against Black Lives Matter took place after the death of George Floyd in the United States, who followed a white officer who knelt on the back of his neck to pin him on the ground.
A rival demonstration held by people who claimed they wanted to defend statues clashed with the police in London.
They said they wanted to protect monuments like the Winston Churchill statue, which had to be boarded up after being destroyed during a previous anti-racism demonstration.

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