New political group tries to rescue Hickenlooper in primary

DENVER (AP) - In a sign of growing concern over John Hickenlooper's position in the Colorado Democratic Senate area code, a new political group is spending at least $ 1 million on a devastating attack report against Hickenlooper's rivals in the race.
The ad is convicted of former Colorado House spokesman Andrew Romanoff for leading a 2006 package of tough laws against illegal immigration, which the ad calls "the nation's toughest laws against immigrants." Romanoff has long apologized for the measures.
Romanoff is the outsider in the June 30 area code and, as a populist insurgent, is fighting the election of the establishment, Hickenlooper, which has raised significantly more money. The winner will meet Republican Senator Cory Gardner in November.
The new group, Let's Turn Colorado Blue, was founded on Tuesday, a day after Hickenlooper apologized for a joke in 2014 that compared politicians to slaves who were flogged to row "an old slave ship." Let's do it Colorado Blue doesn't have to announce its donors until after elementary school. The existence of the group was first reported by The Colorado Sun.
The slave ship gaffe was the last in a series of stumbles, including maiming the meaning of the term "black life" during recent protests against police violence and fighting a subpoena before being found to be governor of the state's ethics law has violated. In private, Colorado's Democrats were concerned about how Hickenlooper would behave in the area code.
The Republicans move to Romanoff and see him as an easier opponent of the general election. Both the Gardner campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee started broadcasting ads against Hickenlooper last week, prompting the PAC of the Democratic Senate majority to respond with a point that defended the former governor.
On Friday, governor Jared Polis, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, and other leading State Democrats sentenced Romanoff for spending $ 175,000 to broadcast an attack report against Hickenlooper. Hours later, Romanoff's attack notice, which Let's Turn called Colorado Blue a seven-figure purchase, began to circulate.
"After opposing a subpoena and evading 21 debates, Hick is now hiding behind desperate dark money attacks," Romanoff said in a statement. "It's time for his team to get clean: Coloradans deserve to know who pays your bills and is in charge."

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