New York City restaurant ordered to stop building 2-story outdoor dining structure after locals complained

Photo shared by the L.E.S. Resident group of the outdoor catering of the Izakaya NYC. L.E.S residents
Manhattan Restaurant Izakaya NYC has discontinued construction of a two-story restaurant building.
A neighborhood group called on Twitter to remove the partially built-up building.
Two-story outdoor dining areas are not allowed in NYC and the restaurant has ceased construction.
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A New York City restaurant halted construction of a two-story dining shed after complaints from a local community group and neighbors.
On Thursday, a community group based in the Lower East Side, L.E.S. Residents shared photos on Twitter of a two-story outdoor dining area found near Manhattan restaurant The Izakaya NYC.
While many restaurants in New York City built covered outdoor seating areas in 2020 and earlier this year to accommodate diners in compliance with indoor eating restrictions, the structure built outside of Izakaya NYC was built with an upper level - a Moving that seemed to upset some locals.
The owner of the restaurant that built the two-story dining room said construction had stopped after complaints. L.E.S residents
Along with pictures of the structure from The Izakaya NYC, L.E.S. Residents tweeted, “What the hell? A 2-story shed is being built! "L.E.S. Residents also said in the tweet that the organization had filed a formal complaint with the 311 New York City non-emergency services.
Yudai Kanayama, owner of The Izakaya NYC, told the New York Post that he had plans to build the double-decker shed but stopped because "people were talking".
Kanayama then decided to convert the top of the structure into "just a roof with skylights - no more seating," but that plan, too, was halted, the New York Post reported.
A 311 Service Request Status viewed by Insider revealed that a complaint was filed Thursday about the outdoor dining at Izakaya NYC. According to the request, the Department of Transportation - which controls the Open Restaurant Program, which allows al fresco dining - inspected the Izakaya NYC and ordered the restaurant to remove the upper platform immediately.
"While we're celebrating open restaurants, dangerous structures on our streets are unacceptable," a Department of Transportation spokesman told the New York Post. "DOT will require that all unsafe structures be removed immediately."
New York City people walk past outdoor dining tents lined with the street. (Izakaya NYC, the restaurant mentioned in the story, is not shown here.) Noam Galai / Getty Images
Curbed reported that Lower East Side residents are frustrated with the many outdoor restaurants in the neighborhood. In September 2020, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made al fresco dining permanent by expanding the Open Dining program, which allowed restaurants to use sidewalks and curbs as dining rooms.
On Twitter, L.E.S. Residents said outdoor restaurants contributed to an increase in noise.
"The sheds literally turned the LES into the Wild West. The party and chaos that started in the sheds and interiors extends to the streets for hours and hours," said L.E.S. Dwellers in another tweet.
"Many of us don't live in luxurious towers in the sky with soundproof windows and all the quality of life privileges that come with living in walled, self-contained neighborhoods," the community group wrote in a separate tweet. "NYC is a maze of neighborhoods and what works for your area isn't the same elsewhere."
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