New Yorker deemed ‘pizza snob’ over her ‘rude’ restaurant behavior: ‘She sounds exhausting’

A woman embarrassed her friend about a slice of pizza - but she thinks the friend could have it.
In need of perspective, the woman reached out to Reddit's Am I the A ****** forum and asked if she had taken things too far. As her story tells, she was visiting a friend from New York in Seattle. The friend became poetic about New York City having the best pizza. So the woman took her visiting friend to a certified pizza shop Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). However, the friend was complaining the whole time that the food was not authentic.
"I live a few blocks from a pizzeria in Seattle that is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - the Italian certification for 'authentic' Neapolitan pizza," read the Reddit poster. “A college friend of mine who is from New York came to Seattle and visited me. She wanted "good" pizza, so I brought her and a few other friends over with AVPN certification. Well, she went on and said that it was not authentic and not real pizza, and she should know because, quote, 'I'm from New York and we know how authentic pizza is.' "
The Reddit poster tried to explain that the pizza was authentic, just not the same type they serve in New York.
"I just let it down and then said, 'Do you think Italy has real pizza?" The Reddit poster explained. "Naples, Neapolitan, is that what you mean by authentic pizza?" She hesitated and then said yes, that's where the New York pizza came from. Then I showed her the flyer explaining that the pizzeria we were in had AVPN certification and actually uses very specific flour and filtered / bottled water and very specific mozzarella and tomatoes flown in from Italy to get certification Receive. [And] that while there are AVPN pizzerias in NYC, there are only a few and none of their favorites were on the list. She went really quiet. But when we came out of the restaurant she said I had tricked her. That I should know that what she meant by 'real' pizza wasn't AVPN certified pizza. "
Reddit users thought the friend needed to relax over the pizza.
"She was a pizza snob and you just played her game," someone said.
"It sounds exhausting," replied another.
“She sounds very presumptuous. Hopefully she'll reconsider being like that in the future, ”commented one person.
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The post-New Yorker described her “rude” restaurant behavior as a “pizza snob”: “She sounds exhausting” first appeared on In The Know.

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