New Yorker spots unusual animal swimming in Hudson River: ‘Flung its tail out of the water’

A magnificent humpback whale has been spotted in the Hudson River and swam to some popular tourist attractions.
The humpback whale managed to pose for some great photo ops as it traversed waters near the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, the Intrepid Sea, the Air and Space Museum, and the Battery Park.
Humpback whale in New York Harbor ready for close-up at Statue of Liberty
- Reuters UK (@ReutersUK) December 9, 2020
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Andrés Javier was one of the New Yorkers who captured the moment. A video he uploaded to Instagram shows the whale shooting water out of its blowhole as the sun sets on the horizon.
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While many New Yorkers were surprised by the presence of the marine mammal in the Hudson, this is actually not unusual.
"We know, but it's pretty normal to get whales out there," US Coast Guard petty officer Anthony Pappaly told Reuters.
The Coast Guard said they would only intervene if the mammal was compromised or involved in any way. The majestic being was free to explore the socially distant city.
Bjoern Kils, who operates a New York media boat that carries news crews, saw the whale near Ellis Island, where Lady Liberty is located.
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"With COVID-19, it's a bit of a silver lining that there isn't a lot of shipping traffic out here and the whale has a very good chance of getting out to sea," Kils told Reuters. "When we passed the Statue of Liberty, it threw its tail out of the water twice!"
Whale watching in New York City may seem unusual, but it's getting more common - and that's actually a good thing. The increasing presence of humps in the Hudson means the river is cleaner, making it a great source of food for our marine mammal friends.
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