Newborn photoshoot honors late mom, sends powerful message about cost of drinking and driving

Photos of a newborn baby born by caesarean section to a mother who died in a suspected drunk road accident send a powerful message about the cost of driving while under the influence.
Yesenia Aguilar, 23, was fatally hit by a vehicle on August 11 while walking her husband in Anaheim, California, 35 weeks pregnant. Doctors delivered the baby by caesarean section, but were unable to save Aguilar. The driver has been charged with a crime of murder, a crime of driving under the influence of drugs that cause injury, and an offense for driving a license, Anaheim Police Department said in a press release.
After mourning the loss of his wife, 36-year-old James Alvarez opted for the newborn photo shoot his wife had always wanted for their daughter, whom he named Adalyn Rose Alvarez-Aguilar.
"My daughter, she is the last gift my wife gave me, she is a blessing and a miracle," Alvarez said in an interview with Good Morning America.
Just a month before the incident, Aguilar had been on a maternity shoot with the same photographer, Grisel Leyva.
Leyva said it was an honor for her to take pictures of the newborn baby who had just lost her mother. In memory of Aguilar, the photoshoot included items such as her favorite flowers, a blanket, and her wedding veil.
Leyva shared the new photos on Facebook with the message "DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE". The post went viral and has been shared over 30,000 times.
"I want people to think three times - not twice, three times - before they get behind the wheel, because I feel like this little girl's life has been torn apart," Leyva told Good Morning America.
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Adalyn is now almost 2 months old and, according to her father, is fine. Alvarez said he was grateful that he could take a year off to spend time with his newborn daughter.
PHOTO: James Alvarez holds his daughter Adalyn. (Grisel Leyva / X & V Photography)
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A GoFundMe family funeral and medical expenses campaign raised over $ 119,000. Along with the GoFundMe campaign, Alvarez '15 -year-old niece, Emily, helped create an additional campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence and substance abuse.
In honor of the late 23-year-old mother, the family is asking people to post a photo of themselves with roses on Instagram on October 23 with the hashtag #inhonorofyeseniaaguilar.
Emily wants this social media campaign to educate other young people like her about the negative consequences of driving under the influence. The new campaign is tied to an additional GoFundMe to support Adalyn's future and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).
Alvarez hopes his tragedy will help others so that no one has to go through what he is going through.
"We should be responsible and consider other people's lives," he said.
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