Newest 'The Avengers' Member Could Be Super Weird

If the Avengers are all hanging out again, a really strange mythological god could join the team. No, nobody is related to Thor - do you remember Hercules?
According to a report by The Cinema Spot, Hercules will come to the MCU in the near future. It is not known if he will be starring or a supporting role, but we know that despite earlier rumors to be released on February 12th next year, he will not appear in Eternals.
A fourth Thor film is in the works, but the chances that Chris Hemsworth will stay with the character much longer are slim. Given the prospect of losing a character inspired by an ancient deity, Marvel is said to be willing to call another character inspired by an ancient deity, although this time they are becoming Roman rather than Nordic.
The Roman god of strength and power has long been a Marvel character. He made his debut in Avengers # 10 and has been a regular Avengers and Thor comic ever since, with several other run-ins with Hulk. Interestingly, Hercules is also bisexual in these comics, and his appearance in the MCU would go well with Marvel's desire to introduce more diverse characters into his juggernaut.
And if the MCU wins Hercules as a hero, it's likely that they'll win Ares, his half-brother and rival, as a bad guy.
Loki, Thor: Love and Thunder, She-Hulk and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are all in the pipeline, but Hercules could also debut in a completely different project. A similar riddle? Who will play it
We just have to wait and see.
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