Newman From ‘Seinfeld’ Doesn't Mail It In When Calling Out Trump

Newman is back and this time he has a new nemesis. (Congratulations Jerry, you're off the hook.)
In the run-up to the election, President Donald Trump repeatedly questioned the integrity of postal voting, despite no evidence of widespread fraud being reported. Now, actor Wayne Knight appears to be repeating his famous "Seinfeld" character to strike back (though the ad calls him "your kind local postman").
In a new ad from the PACRONYM Political Action Committee, Knight calls on the Trump administration to "systematically, deliberately attack the US Post" in a very Newman-like manner.
"They went out of their way to slow the mail down, but everyone knows the only person who can slow the mail down is a postman," says Knight. "You have cut working hours. You have missing mailboxes. You are taking sweet, sweet sorting machines out of operation to delay voting by mail."
The actor recommends voting early or applying for a postal ballot and submitting it “as soon as possible”. It also ends with a message addressed to Trump himself.
“All right, Donnie. Do you know those tax returns that you shouldn't see? You should never have sent this, ”says Knight, adding Newman's manic laugh.
If you control mail, you control ... information. And nobody knows that better than Newman. See the character's apparent return in the ad below.
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