NewsMax Admits No Evidence of Voting Machine Fraud After Smartmatic Threatens Lawsuit

Newsmax's John Tabacco read an on-air statement Monday making it clear that the hosts of the Conservative Comment Network "have never reported certain claims as true" regarding the Smartmatic and Dominion voting machines.
The regression comes after Smartmatic sent a letter to Newsmax, One America News Network, and Fox News threatening a lawsuit over on-air allegations that the company is linked to the election fraud reported by outgoing President Donald Trump passed the 2020 election for no reason.
Tabacco said in the statement that "various guests, elected officials and lawyers" made claims on the broadcast but the network did not report them. A Newsmax spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap that the statement had been carried out more than once and is expected to be broadcast on subsequent programs.
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According to Tabacco, there are “several facts” that viewers should be aware of: “Newsmax has found no evidence that Dominion or Smartmatic owns the other or that they are related in business. We have no evidence that Dominion is using the Smartmatic software and vice versa. No evidence has been presented that Dominion or Smartmatic used software or reprogrammed software that manipulated the votes in the 2020 election. "
He went on to note that "neither Dominion nor Smartmatic have a relationship with George Soros," the billionaire philanthropist or the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, both of whom have been at the center of many right-wing conspiracies.
Over the weekend, Fox Business Network ran a fact-checking segment on Lou Dobbs Tonight, which was re-broadcast on Fox News Channel's Justice with Judge Jeanine and Sunday Morning Futures. Reaching out for comment, a Fox News spokesperson advised TheWrap of the fact-finding process and did not elaborate on it.
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A representative from OANN did not immediately return a request for comment on the planned activities of this network.
Smartmatic announced last Monday that Fox News, Newsmax and OANN are expecting withdrawals for reporting on election fraud claims against the company.
The company said Monday it was sending legal notices calling for letters identifying "dozens of factually inaccurate statements from each organization as part of a" disinformation campaign "about violating Smartmatic and discrediting the 2020 US election.
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A Newsmax spokesperson previously told TheWrap something similar to Tabacco's statement, saying the network itself "has never made any claim of inappropriateness to Smartmatic, its property or its software".
Newsmax's previous statement went on to say, “Like any large media company, we provide a forum for public concerns and discussion. In the past, we have welcomed Smartmatic and its agents to counter claims which they believe are inaccurate and which they will continue to make. "
Trump and his allies have insisted since the election that there was widespread electoral fraud. Trump has not yet conceded the race for President-elect Joe Biden, even after dozens of lawsuits by the president's legal team have been put down in federal and state courts. Earlier this month, the US Supreme Court even ruled not to hear the state of Texas attempt to overturn Biden's victories in key swing states, closing the door on Trump's efforts to improve the voting before that Electoral College met last week to finalize the election.
Newsmax just aired this note to "clarify" the coverage of Smartmatic and Dominion.
- John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) December 21, 2020
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