NFL allowed Alvin Kamara to play with non-conforming cleats

The Grinch could steal part of Alvin Kamara's Christmas bonus at some point, but the Grinch hasn't interfered with Kamara's ability to celebrate the season.
Given previous reports of NFL players being instructed to take off non-compliant shoes, some have wondered why the league did not instruct Kamara to close its mismatched green and red Christmas studs during Friday's six touchdown day against the Vikings to change. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the rules only mandate removal or danger of removal if the equipment breach is a safety hazard.
If helmets, thigh pads, knee pads, shoulder pads, eye protection and / or face masks do not comply with the Equipment Rules, the player will be removed from the game until the situation is resolved. For other uniform violations, the rules provide that the officers do not intervene and that the appeal comes from standard disciplinary proceedings.
With respect to cleats, a branding issue (e.g., if the shoe displays the logo of a company that did not pay for the privilege of equipping NFL players) could also prompt an instruction to change the shoes.
Kamara's shoes were not a safety or branding issue. Therefore, he was allowed to wear them, even if at some point he would contribute to the NFL's Human Fund equivalent.
It all makes sense, but unless the rule changes between 2019 and 2020, how Kamara's cleats are handled goes against the league's handling of non-compliant footwear that Browns recipients Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry won in 2019. Beckham and Landry were instructed to move to compliant studs early in the second half. Kamara was allowed to wear shoes that were jingle jangle jingle throughout the game.
Without a rule change, Beckham's earlier complaint that a different standard applies to him has some merit. Regardless, Kamara got to wear his vacation shoes of his choice on Friday - and the result sure made it worth it, whatever the fine will be.
The NFL allowed Alvin Kamara to play with non-compliant cleats that originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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