NFL draft top-5 snapshot: There's a new QB2 following dramatic draft-order shakeup

Each week until the final NFL draft contract is set for 2021, we'll look at how the top five picks play out - and create a mini-mock-up. Think of this as a snapshot of what the top of the design looks like.
In one week our design worlds were almost turned upside down.
The top 10 picks of the 2021 NFL draft shifted dramatically in a week with the New York Jets' first win of the season, bringing the Jacksonville Jaguars to the coveted top overall win with two weeks left in the regular season.
And with the Cincinnati Bengals beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Jaguars and Jets are guaranteed to have the two best picks.
So is it Jaguars No. 1 and Jets No. 2? We will see. But if the jaguars can get their losing streak to 15 in a row (it's 13 now), they'll be on the clock for the next four months.
Cincy remains in the three slot for the time being. But the Carolina Panthers (from No. 6 to No. 4) and Atlanta Falcons (No. 7 to No. 5) both jumped two slots. Could these division rivals be fighting for a quarterback in Round 1?
The Dallas Cowboys, who fell from No. 4 to No. 8, and the Los Angeles Chargers, who slipped from No. 5 to No. 9, fell significantly. The first round of the Miami Dolphins (courtesy of Houston Texans) dropped two spots from # 6 to # 8.
A quick look at the top of the 2021 NFL draft. (Amber Matsumoto / Yahoo Sports)
1. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-13)
Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence
What a breathtaking turn of events. If so, and Lawrence ends up in Duval County, the jaguars may be set up for a field day in the 2021 NFL draft.
2. New York Jets (1-13)
BYU QB Zach Wilson
On Sunday, Jets fans were desperate. Worst win in franchise history, they said. Then some of them watched Wilson in the so-called bowl against UCF on Tuesday night. These people seem to be better on Wednesday morning.
Is Wilson the second guy now? We'll see, but he certainly made a compelling case. This is the first time we've had Wilson versus Justin Fields battling a good defense in the Northwest, although we've been considering such a move for about a month.
3. Cincinnati Bengals (3-10-1)
Oregon OT Penei Sewell
You're mentally ready to better block up front in Cincy.
How great is that Seriously, Sewell to The Queen City feels almost predetermined.
4. Carolina Panthers (4-10)
Ohio State QB Justin Fields
We previously suggested that the Panthers will likely be long and thorough considering the QB options in the draft, and Fields certainly makes sense. With Teddy Bridgewater, Fields doesn't need to be rushed.
Last April's draft was about taking a blue collar approach to building defense. There will likely be a little more pizzazz next year.
5. Atlanta Falcons (4-10)
Florida TE Kyle Pitts
We have thought long and hard about this choice. This would really be a difficult place for anyone who is the new general manager of Atlanta. But a simple fix is, taking a really good soccer player has to be damned.
Isn't "talent" a need? For the "We Need Defense" people or the "Take a QB" crew, please watch Pitts' crazy skills. Julio Jones is still a great player, but how much longer?
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