NFL rumors: Chris Long weighs in on disgruntled Carson Wentz rumblings

Chris Long addresses angry Wentz rumors originally surfaced on NBC Sports Philadelphia
Carson Wentz's crumbling position in Philadelphia was shaken again on Sunday morning when reports surfaced of Wentz wanting to "move on" if Jalen Hurts remains the starting quarterback.
Wentz, who will pay more than $ 100 million over the next four years, put together the worst season of his career before joining the Packers for Hurts in the third quarter of week 13.
Whether he will ever start for the Eagles again is unclear, a fact that is incredible considering where Wentz stood four months ago.
But a former Wentz teammate says the blame for the apparently deteriorating situation should start with Wentz himself.
Chris Long, who won a Super Bowl with the Eagles when Wentz saw backup Nick Foles lead the Birds to a title, took a look at the reports on Sunday morning:
He kind of secured his takes, but it's also hard to disagree with anything Long said here. There is blame within the organization, from drafting hurts to building a mediocre and aging corps of skill positions around Wentz going this season.
But the blame lies absolutely at the feet of Wentz's "objectively bad game," as Long put it.
Wentz would have an argument if, for example, he was the 18th best quarterback in the league this year after being a top 10 or top 12 option last year. The argument would be, "Hey, can I get some help here?"
Other than that Wentz has been terrible this year, the kind of bottom of the table that can put you on the bench forever.
From 35 qualified quarterbacks, Wentz counts:
27. in touchdowns per attempt
34. Interception per attempt
34. in yards per attempt
35. Degree of completion
If you are that bad, you will be put on a bench. Period.
Now Long is also right that a former starter who is benched is likely to want another try as a starter. Unsurprisingly, Wentz would want to go elsewhere to try and get back to QB1 status.
Former Eagles wide receiver and Super Bowl LII champion Torrey Smith agreed:
Really, the way this is turning out isn't too surprising.
The most surprising thing is how quickly it happened.
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