NFL rumors: Malcolm Jenkins tries to correct one major Carson Wentz myth

Malcolm Jenkins seeks to correct an important Wentz myth that originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia
When the Eagles' relationship with Carson Wentz turned sour last fall and winter, dissatisfaction resurfaced in the locker room with Wentz's personality and the organization's positive treatment towards the QB.
Those kind of stories started in 2019 when PhillyVoice released an in-depth look at some voices in the Eagles' dressing room who didn't care about Wentz, how he carried himself and even how he targeted Zach Ertz towards other recipients.
All of this means that after Wentz was sold to the Colts last week, some football fans and analysts created an image of Wentz as a selfish gamer who shared the Eagles' locker room and eventually pushed his way out of Philly.
Two of Wentz's ex-teammates disagree with this characterization and want to clarify the record.
Former Eagles star Malcolm Jenkins joined ex-Adler Chris Long's Green Light podcast on Tuesday to talk about a wide range of football and non-football topics. They eventually landed in the Wentz discussion, however, and Long addressed what he thought is the mischaracterization of Wentz as the villain in the locker room:
Here's how Long and Jenkins attacked this mindset:
"JENKINS: All of these things that happened to him may be difficult to overcome in Philly, but now that he's elsewhere, these lessons are going to be things to learn from and lean on and make him one be better leader, especially the locker room stuff. Because like you said he's not a locker room crab. We played with him and it wasn't.
"LANG: You want him to achieve more.
"JENKINS: Yeah, what teams want from their quarterback and what teams want from their executives, that's something he had to grow with.
"LANG: That existed as that extreme conversation when he had things to fix, but I don't remember ever thinking, 'What a ** hole.'"
"JENKINS: No. No. Never."
That's about as clear as it gets.
And of course you can say that it's just the opinion of two guys from a locker room of 60 players (with the training team). But Jenkins and Long were two leaders in the locker room, and they were absolutely on the pulse of the entire list. So it can be said that they had a keen sense of the franchise QB attitudes.
And that's the point. Sure, maybe one person wasn't interested in Wentz's personality or leadership style. But this happens in every locker room. It doesn't make Wentz a "locker room crab".
We'll see what Wentz's tenure in Indianapolis looks like, whether he becomes the face of their organization or just plays for two years before moving elsewhere. But you can bet that his future depends on his play on the field.
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