NFL suspends Ian Rapoport two weeks

The NFL usually bans players. Sometimes employees of the NFL's internal media conglomerate are suspended. Recently, the NFL Network suspended its top information collector / provider / reciter.
Ian Rapoport made a statement to PFT Friday night stating that he will be out of the air by October 22 because "I posted something on my social channels without permission from the NFL Network that was against the guidelines . "
The statement that Rapoport tweeted shortly afterwards sparked numerous questions and speculations about the content of the post. The truth is far more innocuous and makes the league seem unreasonable for its decision to suspend Rapoport for two weeks, presumably without payment.
According to several reports that PFT has confirmed, Rapoport has posted a commercial on Instagram for Manscaped, a device used to care for the male groin. Rapoport's colleague Jane Slater then posted it on Twitter. Within a day the video was gone; It quickly became clear that the deletion was related to the league's response.
The content of the ad, delivered by Rapoport's usual in-home broadcast position for NFL Network, contained the usual puns and campy content that indirectly and directly refer to the purpose of the product. But the league cannot credibly wave its finger at the association. The 49ers announced in June that Manscaped had become the 49ers' “Below The Waist Grooming Partner”.
Logic suggests that there was a problem with Rapoport getting a deal directly with Manscaped without getting all the proper approvals and approvals from the league.
Given these facts, a two-week suspension seems like an overreaction. Such discipline by the NFL Network had previously been reserved for much stronger actual or suspected violations, such as allegations of sexual harassment that resulted in Heath Evans, Marshall Faulk and Ike Taylor being suspended and finally leaving the network in 2017.
That same year, Michael Irvin was charged with rape. Although the criminal complaint was dropped and no civil lawsuit was ever filed, the League has never taken action against Irvin as part of the type of independent investigation the League routinely conducts when players are exposed to such allegations. (It's still not clear whether the league even conducted an independent investigation.)
In 2015, Warren Sapp's seven-year run at NFLN ended after he was arrested for allegedly soliciting and assaulting a prostitute. In 2016, Brian Baldinger received a six-month suspension for arguing that the Eagles should try to "hurt" and "give a small bounty" to cowboys running back to Ezekiel Elliott.
In contrast, Rapoport's behavior appears tamer than a slightly overgrown human hair. While he may have violated business rules related to when and how on-air talent can do their own deals, there seems to be a means to beat him for two weeks.
NFL suspended Ian Rapoport two weeks originally, appearing on Pro Football Talk

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