NFL Week 5 betting roundup: Bettor loses $290K wager on Seahawks, public profiting from Jets' misery

The Seattle Seahawks, who played against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday evening, were a perfect 4-0 against the previous spread this season. One bettor at BetMGM hoped to take advantage of this consistency to a great extent.
The Seahawks opened as 7.5-point favorites, but the line closed at -6.5, which ended up being the weekend's most seeded game. With the spread under a touchdown, the aforementioned bettor pounced with a huge stake: $ 290,000 on the Seahawks -6.5.
The bet didn't look good early on. The Vikings took a 13-0 lead at halftime, and the Seahawks scored three third-quarter touchdowns within 1:53 (thanks to two turnovers from Kirk Cousins) to take a 21-13 lead.
Minnesota struggled, however. Cousins ​​hit Adam Thielen for two touchdowns, one to shorten the Seattle lead to 21:19 towards the end of the third, and one to put the Vikings 7-8 ahead. The second bond between Cousins ​​and Thielen completed an epic 15-game, 97-meter ride that lasted more than eight minutes, leaving cover for Seahawk's supporters who looked dismal.
Desolate indeed. Russell Wilson threw an interception on Seattle's next drive but would get through in the end. After the Vikings failed in fourth and first place within the Seattle 10-yard line, Wilson led a 13-game 94-yard drive in just 1:42, which was followed by a four-goal touchdown pass to D.K. Metcalf with only 15 seconds in regulation.
It was enough for a 27-26 Seahawks win, a win that improved the team to 5-0. But it wasn't enough to cover the spread when Seattle fell to 4-1 against the number.
Had Seattle covered, that would have made a return of $ 263,635 (and a total payout of $ 553,635) for this weather. Instead, it's a loss of $ 290,000.
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Outsiders get through for the house
Sunday was a positive day for sports betting, with three underdogs winning outright, including the Las Vegas Raiders, who pissed the Kansas City Chiefs as underdogs with 10.5 points. The Miami Dolphins (+8.5 with the San Francisco 49ers) and Carolina Panthers (+2.5 with the Atlanta Falcons) were the other two underdogs who won straight but the Raiders' victory over the defending Super Bowl champions was most effective.
“We finally had a Sunday when we can say we had a good Sunday. The raiders who defeated the Chiefs were really big, ”Jeff Stoneback, director of trading at MGM Resorts, told Yahoo Sports. "We didn't win a lot of direct bets on this game. The game opened at 12.5pm and we closed it at 10.5am. We bet $ 100,000 on +10.5 just before kick-off, but this game with the teasers and parlays - we did it well that the raiders took out all of these. That was a big game for us. "
Other big winners of the day for MGM were the Los Angeles Rams, who covered the seven-point spread against Washington, and the Baltimore Ravens, who scored 12.5 points in their win over the Cincinnati Bengals. The Rams opened at -9 but had dropped to -7 before kick-off, leaving Washington with a significant late payment. There was also action on the Bengals as that line fell from 13.5 to 12.5.
"It's not too often that we look for the ravens and the house actually wins when they go into hiding," said Stoneback.
The public continues to fade the jets
The easiest NFL bets in 2020 were against the New York Jets. The Jets fell 5-0 on Sunday with a miserable 30-10 home loss to the Arizona Cardinals.
Not only are the jets 0-5 overall, they're 0-5 against the spread. And it wasn't particularly tight in any of these games, as the Jets didn't cover the spread by an average of 12.5 points.
Week 1: Jets (+6.5) on bills - Bills 27, Jets 17
Week 2: Jets (+7) versus 49ers - 49ers 31, Jets 13
Week 3: Jets (+12.5) at Colts - Colts 36, Jets 7
Week 4: Jets (-1) v Broncos - Broncos 37, Jets 28
Week 5: Jets (+6.5) vs. Cardinals - Cardinals 30, Jets 10
The Cardinals' win over the Jets was one of two wins for the public at BetMGM on Sunday, Stoneback said. The other was the Cleveland Browns, who covered the 1-point spread over the Indianapolis Colts.
"It's like breaking a record with the Jets every week - we're on the losing side," Stoneback told Yahoo Sports. “The Browns-Colts game was big. We opened with the Colts as a 2.5 point favorite and the Browns went to a 1 point favorite. Those were the only two bad games for us today. "
In addition to the Jets, two other NFL teams are without a win against the Spread in 2020: the Dallas Cowboys (0-5) and Tennessee Titans (0-3).
The New York Jets start 2020 with 0: 5 and still have to cover the spread. (AP Photo / Corey Sipkin)
A win for the under
For the first time in the entire season, there could be more games under the grand total than over.
Including the game Bucs vs. Thursday night's Bears went below the grand total, seven of the 12 NFL games played so far in Week 5. With two more games on deck to round out the week (one on Monday night, one on Tuesday night), it's possible the over rebounded and the over-under balance brought to 7-7 in the week.
Still, the three-week dominance of the over is guaranteed to come to an end. The over-under had an even 8-8 breakdown in week 1, but the over hit 64 percent (30-17) in the last three weeks.
With two games remaining in Week 5, here's the over-under breakdown through five weeks of NFL action:
Week 1: 8-8
Week 2: 11-5
Week 3: 10-6
Week 4: 9-6
Week 5: 5-7
Total: 43-32 (57.3 percent)
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