Nick Cordero has lost 65 pounds during COVID battle, says wife: 'His muscles are atrophying'

Amanda Kloots says husband Nick Cordero has lost 65 pounds since he came to the hospital - 80 days ago now.
The 41-year-old Broadway star (waitress, A Bronx Tale and Rock of Ages) was hospitalized on March 30 and later diagnosed with COVID-19 after several false negative tests. Kloots described his treatment as a "roller coaster," while the cordero, who is still in intensive care, had multiple surgeries, amputated his leg, and countless setbacks. The actor and dancer is still weak, unable to speak and his muscles are atrophied, which leads to his drastic weight loss. She says the "best case scenario" would see Cordero in the hospital "months" longer - and then at least a year in a rehab facility.
Amanda Kloots says the "best case scenario" in husband Nick Cordero's COVID-19 recovery would keep him in the hospital for "months" - and then at least a year in a rehab facility. (Photo: Amanda Kloots via Instagram)
Kloots, a former Broadway dancer and rockette, answered questions from her Instagram followers on Wednesday while she was waiting to be contacted via FaceTime with Cordero at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA for her night call. (Due to coronavirus restrictions, she could not come to visit in person.) When asked if he had a discharge date, Kloots replied, "Oh gosh, no. Unfortunately, it could take months - best case scenario. We have a long, long way to go. "
The fitness expert reaffirmed the continuing severity of his condition when asked if she had plans to travel with her husband when he was released.
"After Nick left the hospital - because he is leaving this hospital - he would go to a rehab center and probably be in a rehab center for a year before he ever gets home," she said. "They say every week in intensive care [corresponds] to one month in rehab."
Kloots talked about doctors who spoke Cordero twice to help him breathe while he stayed on a ventilator. (He was also treated with stem cells.) One of the biggest problems at this point is his inability to move.
"That's so heartbreaking: he's so weak. He's so weak that he still can't move and his muscles are definitely atrophying," she said, which means that the size will decrease due to immobility. "He's 65 pounds lost."
Kloots said weight loss was muscle because it could not move. He is currently high in protein and high in calories, "but he needs to move," she said. "You can't build your muscles again until you move."
His blood pressure is another big problem. "It's everywhere," she said, noting that they are trying to figure out why so that they can treat any infection that causes it. She also said that he has just completed a "mega dose of steroids" and is getting a transfusion. The "next goal is to get Nick's blood pressure under control." After solving the BP problem, the next milestone would be to win it over for intermittent dialysis.
Kloots also spoke about Cordero still unable to speak due to the ventilator - and how they communicate during their calls.
"Unfortunately he can't speak," she said. "He can't even move, people - he's that weak. He looks up, he looks down. He looks left and right. And he answers yes and no questions - a" yes "looks up and a "no" looks down. "
She continued: "He doesn't even blink, his eyes stay pretty open. I'll say," Nick, can you hear my voice? Look up. "And he will:" Or he'll look down or he won't do anything if he can't hear me. "
Now that he has no coma, he can communicate with the medical staff to inform them of their pain levels. He does the same thing by moving his eyes.
Kloots said the "amazing nurses at Cedars" prepared the calls between the couple. Sometimes it's minutes and sometimes they hang up the phone and Kloots just hangs up "when I'm ready".
During her calls, she told him that his leg had been amputated - and talked about the great prosthetic options. "It is difficult when I speak to Nick to understand exactly what he understands," she admitted.
She hopes the corona virus restrictions will be lifted to allow for personal visits. "Of course they are needed and understandable, but we hope that this can happen," she said.
Kloots was so inspiring in this crisis that he remained positive and made people sing along to Cordero's song "Live Your Life" on social media twice a day. However, she admitted that she is "exhausted". The couple's son, Elvis, just turned 1 and the little boy took his first steps. Exciting milestones, of course, but not the same without her husband.
She was also asked about Cordero's medical bills, and she said they were covered by the government until June 15 - and he has good insurance as well. She was also asked about her GoFundMe site, which has raised nearly $ 575,000 since its launch in mid-April.
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