Nicole Beharie Speaks Out About Her ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Exit & The Controversy’s Impact On Her Career

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Nicole Beharie reveals further details of her shocking exit from the Fox series Sleepy Hollow in 2016, which caused fans uproar over the exit from the show's female black lead. Beharie announced in 2019 that it had partially left the show due to an autoimmune disorder. In recent interviews with The San Diego Union-Tribune and the New York Times, Beharie explained what she had experienced on the set at the time and how she was blacklisted after she left.
Beharies Detective Abbie Mills character was killed by Sleepy Hollow in the season three finale.
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"My co-star and I were both sick at the same time, but I don't think we were treated equally," she told The San Diego Union-Tribune. "He was allowed to return to England for a month [to recover] while Episode 9 was given to me to shoot on my own. So I worked through it and was in urgent care at the end of this episode. And all the doctors, including the doctors who sent the studio, said, "Hey, she can't work right now."
Production was suspended for two weeks due to her illness, she told The Times. She also said that she was examined daily "to make sure I was really sick" - and when the doctors told her to rest, Beharie added, "they didn't want to hear that."
"There's a lot of pressure in a situation like this, with so many people relying on you to get up and get started," she said. "I have the feeling that in the past few years I have really seen clearly that it was not personal. It is about the way in which these structures are structured." It was very difficult to talk about at the time because I wanted to work again. But I was classified as problematic by some people and blacklisted. "
In the years immediately after she left, she appeared in much smaller roles in Monsters and Men and Black Mirror.
Beharie has been in the series since her debut in 2013 and played a central role in the show's central myth. At the time of her departure, Fox released a statement describing Mills' death as "a very dramatic end and a brave move for the show," but which was known for its shocking finals and was "a moving conclusion". for her character.
"Sometimes I think some people I've worked with didn't like the fact that I felt uncomfortable but were loved by the audience," Beharie told the New York Times. "I would think that they would support that. But every colored person on this show was considered dispensable and finally let go."
In the years since, Beharie said that she had dealt with the situation and learned from it.
"I could have been more diplomatic in some way," she told the Times. "Since then, I've been making sure I work with the right people. We saw this at #MeToo and Time's Up, where people who asked questions were rejected. It's not a new story, but I never thought that it would be my story. Unfortunately it is, but healing takes time and I feel on the other side. I have learned a lot. I would not change anything. I would not wish it to anyone. "
Beharie is currently playing in Miss Juneteenth.
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