Niecy Nash On ‘Stolen By My Mother’ Subject: “This Woman Was In A Lot Of Pain” – Contenders TV

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In the summer of 1998, a woman named Gloria Williams entered a Florida nursing home hospital and took a newborn girl, Kamiyah Mobley, the daughter of 16-year-old Shanara Mobley. The police were stunned - until they found a tip in 2017 that Williams had renamed the child Alexis and that she, who was apparently an otherwise friendly and conscientious mother, had brought up two other children of her own.
It's a story that asks for faith and will surely fascinate you when you see us, Star Niecy Nash, who won an Emmy for Ava DuVernay's Central Park Five drama and who plays Gloria in Lifetime's Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley story .
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"I was, just a little bit, familiar with what happened," said Nash at Deadline's "Contenders Television" virtual event. “I might have seen a documentary or interview and was intrigued. I never thought I would play Gloria Williams at that moment, but it was definitely right in my orbit, this story. "
Nash was discouraged by the challenge of playing such an obviously complex character, but emphasizes that this isn't just the story of Gloria Williams. "What we need to be aware of in this particular version of the story is that there are three women - Gloria, the kidnapper; Shannar, the original mother; and Kemiah / Alexis - this version is told from Kemiah's perspective. So that's real Her story, so to speak, about how she played out in her mind and heart. I understood that and just wanted to make sure that I did my part, so I had to do a lot of research. I wanted a little treat search that I could find - old media material, test material, interviews - just to make sure I didn't understand it correctly. "
When asked how she could identify with such a woman, Nash explained a little about her process.
"I always try to find an entry point," she said, "and in this case the access point was painful. This woman was in great pain. Now she was the strong one in her family and when she reached her break point she had no soft place to land. You know, I'm a mother I had traumatic experiences that were very painful and I tried to get involved. But I realized that Gloria was a woman who had been waiting for this day all her life. She knew that day would come. It's like a Ponzi scheme: someone gets caught holding the bag, and everyone tries to get off the ride before it's [them]. But in her case there was no getting out. "
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