Nikki Bella And Her Fianc é Artem Show Off Their Home Kitchen And Share His Secret To Perfect Bolognese

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By Delish
Nikki Bella showed us her kitchen at home, which she shares with her fiance Artem Chigvintsev. The couple quarantined most of the time in the room with white cabinets and countertops with red highlights.
One of the coolest parts of her kitchen is that it starts long before the actual oven, stove and island. There is a coffee station right on entering the house and a wine fridge with additional storage space before you get into the kitchen.
Once in the kitchen, the large open space has an island with a sink, stove, toaster, and red utensils and dishes throughout the building. Nikki said she spends a lot of time in her kitchen, mostly because Artem is a great cook.
Artem does most of the meals in-house, with Nikki's favorite being his homemade pasta with bolognese sauce. The trick is that Artem grinds its own meat for its sauces and many of its stews.
Other things Nikki likes to eat are basics like eggs, dark chocolate chips, and beyond meat burgers. The expectant mother also longed for Graham crackers and mineral water like LaCroix, which she often serves in a wine glass.
The couple organized their space with labeled and displayed supplies so they could always see the snacks and spices that they should use. Nikki's sister Brie sometimes even comes over to borrow an ingredient when she doesn't have it because they're neighbors next door.
"You will always find Artem and you will always find Brie, AKA Kramer, who will stop by whenever she wants," joked Nikki.
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