NikkieTutorials Accidentally Ripped Off Half of Her Eyelashes and It Looks So Painful

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You'd think seasoned beauty YouTubers, after years in the industry and millions of followers under their belts, are immune to the beauty failures that mere mortals sometimes fall victim to. But the glamorous guru NikkieTutorials was experiencing the most unthinkable beauty disaster we all fear: she accidentally tore out her eyelashes. *Shouting.*

I don't speak a few hairs down the drain - the vlogger has literally lost almost half of the eyelashes on her left eye and posted the video evidence on Twitter. It is a sad sight, my friends.
"This is an emergency," Nikkie said in the clip. "Look at that, look at that - I tore out a quarter of my eyelashes!"

@ NikkieTutorials
......... omfg.
5:30 p.m. - June 12, 2020
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The fans were horrified and had a lot of questions. How did it happen? How can I prevent it from happening to me? And above all: girl, are you okay ??? She hasn't discussed what happened, but commentators speculate that it was the tragic result of a very, very wrong falsia removal.
Let's all take a moment of silence in memory of Nikkie's eyelashes. May they grow back quickly.
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