Nintendo Patches Manslaughter Back Into Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch today received its second wave of the Booster Course Pass DLC, adding eight new courses and finally fixing an old one. Let's just say the Shy Guys at Coconut Mall aren't that shy anymore, and if you get too close to them, you'll be sacrificed.
The first new courses arrived in March, one of the most anticipated among them is Coconut Mall, an airy Mario Kart Wii classic remastered for the modern game. But there was just one problem: the Miis that were ramming players towards the end of the course have been replaced with Shy Guys. To make matters worse, the Shy Guys were no longer driving. Their cars stopped. Mario Kart fans were distraught.
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Well, in an extremely rare turn of events, Nintendo has listened to the fans and restored Coconut Mall's Death Alley to its former glory. The Miis are still Shy Guys, but they now ratchet forward slightly and spin around in a spiral of vehicle carnage.
Today's DLC also adds New York Minute (Tour), Mario Circuit 3 (SNES), Kalimari Desert (N64), Waluigi Pinball (DS), Sydney Sprint (Tour), Snow Land (GBA), Mushroom Gorge (Wii) and Sky -High Sundae, a whole new level exclusive to MK8. Waluigi Pinball is a cult favorite deep cut. Mushroom Gorge returns with its infamous gap cut intact. Sky-High Sundae is a feast for the eyes. But the Shy Guys of Coconut Mall still steal the show.
Today's update isn't just a content drop, though. Nintendo also optimizes the underlying game. With the arrival of the DLC in March, Item Crates have been patched to regenerate faster after players pick them up. Today it is time again. The developers also increased the number of Time Trial Ghosts players can download from 16 to 32 and adjusted how far vehicles are thrown based on their weight.
It's by far the most Nintendo has ever updated five years into its lifecycle, let alone one that originally released on the Wii U back in 2014. While some analysts claim Mario Kart 9 is already in the works, there are another 24 courses coming to MK8 by the end of 2023. No doubt the Shy Guys will be destroying more than Coconut Mall by this point, and the item boxes will be regenerating faster than Nintendo's lawyers can send a DMCA notice.

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