No, Hilaria Baldwin's Postpartum Body is Not 'Genetically Superior'

So let's start with that Hilaria Baldwin is great (I know that, I just chatted with her!) And she's a great mom and she looks great too. That's all well and good, and we love that she recently posted a photo of her in her underwear doing the new mom's most natural things: smelling her baby's head (come on, you did it too - admit it). It's a cute photo and a cute post. The only problem lies with the commentators obsessed with Baldwin's body simply because it's three things: postpartum, skinny, and in lingerie.
"I can't stop smelling this baby," Baldwin captioned her photo, sniffing the grubby face of Eduardo, her fifth child with husband Alec Baldwin. In the picture, Hilaria is wearing black underwear and a bra. Eduardo is wearing a festive red romper suit.
"Edu's outfit belonged to my other boys," continues Baldwin's caption. "Alec says he looks like a tomato - Rafa says he looks like a 'Christmas miracle' ... I'm with Rafa."
Of course we are also there with Rafa. We're not with Hilaria's fans and enemies, however, who apparently aren't even aware of the cute mom-and-baby moment here as they are too busy with their size and clothes (or lack thereof).
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The critics in the comments, for one, have an issue with the fact that the model mom shared an underwear photo - one that Baldwin stated was taken by her (apparently seasoned!) 7-year-old daughter Carmen.
"Kids copy and no, it's not okay for a 7-year-old to pose for pictures in a bikini or anything else," wrote a terrified Karen who has apparently never taken a family beach snapshot in her life.
Others complained that Baldwin's photo was simply "fishing for compliments" (what is it honestly not ... what most social media is anyway?). The compliments were received independently, but they were just as problematic as the criticism.
“Your body is amazing! No wonder @alecbaldwininsta gave you 5 children. They just keep looking better, ”says one ardent commentator. Um, but: Alec Baldwin "gave" her children because ... what their body looks like? Not because she's a pretty incredible parent?
"Who looks so good (and thin!) So soon after having a baby?" reads another disbelieving compliment with insult.
"It would be a Christmas miracle if every body could snap back like this after the birth of children," wrote another. One commenter even insists that Baldwin is "genetically superior" to the rest of us, who have no tight limbs or flat stomach a few months after a human left our torso. Law.
We've said it before, and we'll say it again, there is no such thing as "everyone" when it comes to postpartum bodies. "Everyone" doesn't snap back, everyone doesn't get thin - or small or big or soft or round or stretchy or muscular or ... the list really goes on and on. There is no one size fits all for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, and that is certainly true whether you are gaining 40 pounds or losing 48 pounds you will always be.
So can we please just turn the comments on Hilaria's Instagram photo away from the obsessive body analysis and get back to the important issues - like whether Eduardo looks like a tomato or not? Many Thanks.
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