'No Justice, No Sleep': Morning Protesters Rally at Mitch McConnell's Louisville Home

Early Friday, June 19, protesters gathered loudly outside the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Louisville, Kentucky, demanding justice for the murder of Breonna Taylor, saying, "Breonna couldn't sleep Mitch."
Members of the Sunrise Movement climate protection group led the 6 o'clock protest, which symbolically aimed to "wake up" McConnell for problems in his home country. The participants held posters that read: "No justice, no sleep."
In a message to McConnell, the group tweeted: "You are dropping our economy into free fall, our people are being shot by the killer police and our planet is being ravaged by your friends of the oil CEO. We are wide awake on June 19th. If we vote you out in November, you may also wake up. No justice, no sleep, Mitch. "
It is unclear whether McConnell was in the house at the time. He had been in Washington on Thursday when the Senate confirmed that his 38-year-old former intern Justin Walker had a life sentence at the US Circuit Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia, the country's second most powerful court. Photo credit: Sunrise Movement via Storyful

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