No more fingerprints! How to easily clean stainless steel appliances at home

Stainless steel: It is beautiful, shiny and can immediately upgrade a kitchen.
But there is a downside. The sleek look shows remains of everyone who has ever touched it. Fingerprints, scratches, water marks, stains and everything else in the kitchen stick out like a sore thumb, turning your beautiful, shiny refrigerator into a fingerprint autograph book. Cleaning stainless steel can also be difficult.
Fortunately, TODAY Home found the magic solution: olive oil.
The versatile oil turns out to be an effective stainless steel cleaner and guardian for all of your stainless steel problems. How exactly does it work? The olive oil actually protects against mistakes, said Donna Smallin Kuper, certified house cleaning technician and author of "Cleaning Plain & Simple" to TODAY.
"Olive oil doesn't clean per se, but if you put some olive oil (or baby oil) on a clean microfiber cloth, the microfiber cloth cleans the surface and the oil leaves a light protective film that helps ward off water spots and stains on your hands and fingers. Wipe those off Surface with the grain of the stainless steel (a stainless steel refrigerator is generally a vertical grain) in order to achieve the best results. "
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Smallin Kuper warns you to go easy on the oil so that you don't end up in a greasy situation. "You can always add more to the fabric as needed," she said.
How to clean stainless steel appliances:
olive oil
Microfiber fabric
Rubbing alcohol
Apply a few drops of olive oil to a soft microfiber cloth
Wipe your fridge, oven or dishwasher - everywhere with stainless steel! It masks scratches and erases annoying water marks and repels stains.
Finally, polish with a dry cloth.
If you're serious about cleaning up, put a little alcohol on a microfiber cloth and wipe it off.
Pro tip: Pay attention to the grain when cleaning and wiping the surface. The alcohol dissolves quickly and dries without leaving streaks.
Say too long about scratched stainless steel!
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This article was originally published on August 10, 2017.

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