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Camilla Parker Bowles, King Charles III's Queen Consort, is breaking with the long-standing royal tradition of having "ladies-in-waiting" and will instead appoint assistants under the modernized title "Queen's Companions," multiple outlets are reporting.
The BBC reports that Camilla is also reducing the duties of her six assistants, making the symbolic position less of an administrative or secretarial duty than in the past, when ladies-in-waiting also worked in logistics for the Queen.
The move is part of an effort to bring the British monarchy into the modern age, reshaping parts of the institution following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, whose death ended a seven-decade reign and left the monarchy to her son.
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Still, Camilla's assistants are likely to play a similar supportive, personal assistant role as they have for Queens and Queen Consorts since medieval times, visiting her at public events and assisting in her official duties, according to the Washington Post.
Camilla has reportedly picked her close friends for sixth place and they will make their first appearance with her at an event on violence against women and girls at Buckingham Palace later this week.
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Charles, Prince of Wales
King of the United Kingdom since 2022

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