No sense in waiting for F1 season start to join McLaren - Ricciardo

Ricciardo: There's no point in waiting to come to McLaren
Renault's Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo said he risked losing the opportunity to drive for McLaren in 2021 if he delayed his decision to continue joining the team.
The seven-time Grand Prix winner who signed for McLaren last month announced on the same day that outgoing McLaren driver Carlos Sainz Jr. would replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari.
Some observers wondered why Ricciardo didn't wait and at least saw what Form 2020 looked like instead of committing to a change before the first race of the new season.
However, in the F1 podcast, the Australian said that clear answers would only come up after a few races, which would have been "too late" to have many options.
"I think Vettel's announcement or news with Ferrari has obviously triggered everything," said Ricciardo.
"And then things moved pretty quickly around Carlos and all the other things.
"Although it looked like there might still be time, I don't think there was time to move - if that was what you wanted.
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"It's all exactly what I'm playing in my head. If you start the race in July, which wasn't 100% even then, but how we look, you won't find out in the." first race or the second race.
Ricciardo: There's no point in waiting to come to McLaren
"You will probably wait until August or maybe September until you really know where everyone is, and then I think it would be too late to get what you were looking for."
Ricciardo, who spoke to Ferrari prior to McLaren's signature, admitted that it was "not easy" to leave Renault, relying on a combination of the shape of 2019 and the potential of the Mercedes package for the next Year.
"The reality is that you get pitches from every team that speaks to you, and to a certain extent, especially now that there are no races and evidence other than last year, you have to keep going on the pitch you do more excited than the other. " "Said Ricciardo.
"When I go back to last year, which is currently our best reference, they were the team that made the most noise.
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"Mercedes won the championship again, but most knew that McLaren was the team that made the biggest move of all.
"It was really encouraging for them, and that's really all there is to rely on.
"And then the playing field for the future, obviously they switch the aggregates and all that.
"It is certainly difficult to talk about it even now, because it was by no means an easy decision, and not much to judge from 2020, it was quite difficult."
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