No, Tom Holland’s ‘Cherry’ Poster Is Not Supposed to Look That Bad

A misprinted version of the movie poster for Tom Holland's upcoming heist film "Cherry" was absolutely crushed on Twitter for design elements that were labeled "appallingly bad" - including the fact that the title looks like it might be "Cherk".
Variety, who printed the poster as part of an Oscar season award campaign, quickly apologized for a so-called “digital misprint” that “did not meet our standards”.
But the Twitterverse was absolutely baffled by the original, which featured a rather serious-looking portrait of Holland in bright red with a mangled version of the title and a call to view the film as best pic.
"This is a terribly bad poster, good sir," wrote SlashFilm writer Chris Evangelista on Wednesday. "Why is the title not centered? Why is the title apparently CHERRKK? What is it?"
He joked, “Tom Holland IS Larry Cherkk in CHERKK. "You're out of control, Cherkk! Get out of my office! '"
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The tweet quickly blew up and other users listened to each other in the comments.
"Is it a gritty sequel to CLERKS?" one user joked.
Another posted a picture of Elon Musk holding his strangely named child and quipped, "We'll call him CHERIXK."
One wise person went so far as to find out what happened to the letter "y" in the poster title "Cherry", but to no avail.
According to a fan account dedicated to the film, the "For Your Consideration" poster was designed for Variety's print edition this week. The account also released a version of the poster with no parts removed from the title.
The crime drama will premiere on February 26, 2021 - shortly before the cutoff for this year's Oscars.
See the full poster and other tweets below.
Variety apologizes for our mistake in the digital misprint of the ad for the movie "Cherry". This does not meet our standards. Here is the corrected version of the ad
- Variety (@Variety) December 23, 2020
So I filled in the gaps but I'm still not sure why there isn't a Y
- Michael Knepprath (@mknepprath), December 23, 2020
?? | December 23, 2020
For today's Variety print edition, Apple TV created a Cherry ad entitled "For Your Consideration".
- CHERRY UPDATES (@cherrysupdates) December 23, 2020
?? | Here is the normal font poster!
- CHERRY UPDATES (@cherrysupdates) December 23, 2020
Me when I watch Cherk and I see Cherk
- ????? (@Devon_OnEarth) December 23, 2020
At least that person finally got a job as a movie poster.
- New Minnesconsin Attorney General (@JamesFrye) December 23, 2020
I can't stop laughing that no one in the comments can find out the title lmao
- Jacob's Ladder is a Christmas film (@ sexyfacts4u) from December 23, 2020
is this film called:
a) oherb
b) cherr
c) cherb
d. None of the above
- Keith ☕ (@keethulhu) December 23, 2020
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