Non-Rich People Are Sharing Things Rich People Do That Are Annoying And Yes, Yes, Yes

Last week I wrote a post about people who share things that rich people do, that give hell to us non-rich. Our BuzzFeed community received some additional A + examples in the comments.
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Here is what they said:
1. "Conspicuous consumption. One of the most glaring is the use of gold leaf in food. Gold has no taste. It is indigestible. It does nothing but make the dish or drink conspicuously expensive. It is just a possibility for someone to show that they are rich enough to literally shit gold. "
2. "When you are pompous and talk to people. For example, you have the feeling that people who are economically below you are less intelligent."
—Powerhouse girl
3. "When they can CLEAR afford to buy sustainable, ethical, organic products and still choose not to care about the environment and production chains."
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4. "If they give the advice: 'Live on only a third of your income and you can be rich too.' Honey, I have the essentials and I still haven't got enough paychecks. "
5. "When you are working with someone who only works two days a week to 'do something'."
—Pull handles upnotout
6. "When a rich customer said, 'You look miserable. Why didn't you just stay home? Or go to the doctor?' I said, "Because I can't afford to take the day off because of a cold. And when I take the day off, I need a medical certificate, which means I have to pay a $ 50 co-payment plus "possible additional office fees just for the doctor to tell me I have a cold and should rest and drink a lot."
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7. "When they say 'being poor is a choice' and enjoy the 'justice' system that you pay by."
8. "When they say, 'You shouldn't say no to things because of money.' I have no money, I can't afford it. "
- sleepy sleepers
9. "Rich people always assume someone else is paying for them. I had a rich friend who invited me and purposely didn't bring her wallet. When I confronted her the second time, she was really confused. She assumed that I would only pay for her. "
10. "I grew up poor, my husband didn't. He takes things for granted. He doesn't eat leftovers. He's never been on public transport! When toothpaste is a quarter full, he throws it away. He throws coins because he doesn't change." He was shocked that I didn't take four vacations a year. Now I've got used to it. "
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11. "My friend's family is doing very well. They will often complain about things like an old (2013-2014) car or an oven that is slowly heated to -425 degrees and say they want to replace them. They obviously have never had to use anything until it physically stopped working. "
12. "They say, 'Don't buy that latte. Don't go to the movies. You didn't have to have a drink with your boyfriend after work.' Bitch, you say I can't join society, socialize, or hang out with people when I'm poor. That I should just sit at home and think about all the ways I can make more money. "
—Basic gold lady
13.When they say, “Buy in bulk; it's cheaper. ' Yes, maybe in the long run, but if you only have $ 2, you can't buy a bulk pack of $ 20 toilet paper. So you get stuck with the four-pack. "
Fatcamera / Getty Images
14. "When you defend yourself against people who work in service and want to receive a living wage."
15. "Rich people who misbehave and get away with it because of their wealth. Either they throw money into the situation or they know someone with influence who can make everything go away."
Did you miss something? What are some things rich people do that annoy you? Let me know in the comments below!
Note: Answers edited for length and / or clarity.

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