Nora Roberts responds to criticism over Alyssa Milano casting in Netflix movie

Nora Roberts responds to criticism of Alyssa Milano in a new Netflix movie based on her 1988 thriller "Brazen Virtue".
The bestselling writer shared on Facebook and her website on Wednesday that she was "genuinely appalled" by the online hostility of some of her readers after Milano was cast as mystery writer Grace McCabe.
After it was announced on Roberts' Facebook page on Tuesday that Milano would play the movie's protagonist, hundreds of angry fans began calling the former "Who's the Boss?" Star for her involvement in the #MeToo movement and for her outspoken criticism of former US President Donald Trump.
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"I read many comments on Laura's announcement of the adaptation of Brazen Virtue for Netflix with Allysa (sic) Milano. And I am simply and sincerely appalled," wrote Roberts in her statement (referring to Laura Reeth, her personal) publicist.
"The vitriol, the hatred, the anger, the bitterness and the demands are amazing to me. By and large, I keep politics off my side. That's my choice. Now many readers have drawn their own onto this page, so I am a Liberal Democrat, always has been, always will be. And as one I have always believed that everyone has a right to their political beliefs and the right to express their opinions. "She continued. "But I don't have to tolerate insults and ugliness on my part."
Roberts urged her hostile fans to beat Milano with bows and suggest that she keep her opinion to herself. "No doubt the same people would be quick to assert their own First Amendment rights," the author wrote.
Roberts also reached out to disgruntled fans who responded to news of Milan's casting call by promising never to read their books again.
"Some will never read me again because Milano will overwrite this adaptation. One reader stated that she intends to burn all of my books in her collection for this actress choice. Think about it. Burning books. Get a picture? I'm sure, "Roberts wrote.
"Watch the film when it comes out or not. But pissing off an actress or threatening me is no different than showing your own limits."
"Another claims she can only support 'like-minded' artists. Really? I'm just imagining the books, songs and films that I would have missed if I had felt this way and refused to read, watch, listening to those who contributed or played those who hold different political views than me, "she added.
Roberts also expressed dismay that the difficulties encountered during the coronavirus pandemic did not inspire people to be kinder to each other.
"In this last long, tough year we have lost over 400,000 friends, loved ones and neighbors to COVID. We were isolated from one another and I have longed for the company of my friends again for a year. I really wonder why this sadness, this one Not has taught so many of us that we need one another, "she wrote.
Instead, as illustrated in this comment section, far too much has hardened into a us and you mentality. The malice I've read in too many comments below pains my heart. And realizing that I am a Liberal Democrat "Many of these comments are addressed to me for this reason alone is a real eye opener," she complained.
Roberts concluded her testimony with a final condemnation of her angry readers.
"Watch the film when it comes out or not. But pissing off an actress or threatening me does nothing more than illustrate your own limits," she wrote.
Milano shared the news of their casting on their own social media pages Tuesday, writing, "Incredibly excited to announce the adaptation of the great Nora Roberts' #BrazenVirtue for @Netflix. I'm a huge Nora Roberts fan and I can can't wait to bring this book and role to life. "
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