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HISTORY: Kim Jong Un said North Korea is working towards becoming the world's most powerful nuclear power.
State media reported the leader's announcement on Sunday.
It came while he was promoting dozens of military officers involved in the November 18 launch of the new Hwasong-17, the country's largest ICBM to date.
State television KRT released images of Kim and his daughter posing for photos with the military officials, scientists, engineers and others involved in the test.
In his order to promote the officers, Kim said building the country's nuclear force would "reliably protect the dignity and sovereignty of the state and the people."
He added that the country's "ultimate goal is to have the strongest strategic power in the world, the absolute power that has not existed in this century."
Kim also hailed the scientists as taking a "wonderful leap forward" in developing the technology to attach nuclear warheads to ballistic missiles.
In another report, state news agency KCNA said the Hwasong-17 "proved conclusively" that North Korea is "a fully-fledged nuclear power capable of standing up to US imperialist nuclear dominance."
Because the Hwasong-17 was able to reach the mainland United States, the earlier test launch prompted Washington to urge the United Nations Security Council to hold Pyongyang accountable for its missile tests.
Such tests are prohibited by Security Council resolutions.
Kim Jong Un
General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and 3r...

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