Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas, French Open semi-final: live score and latest updates

Novak Djokovic versus Stefanos Tsitsipas, French Open semi-finals: Live score and latest updates - REUTERS / Charles Platiau
The game begins shortly after the first semi-final
Schwartzman vs. Nadal: live
6:04 pm
Djokovic * 6-3, 6-2 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Three aces - hold on to love and the world's number 1 pops up twice. Coup de grace in the third?
5:59 pm
Djokovic 6-3, 5-2 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Djokovic lands hard on his left foot when jumping to return a forehand, but he doesn't sprain and appears fine. He pushes Tsitsipas back again and again and then catches him with the finest drop shots to pull him back from 40-Love to Deuce. Tsitsipa's double fault at worst. Djokovic advantage, but his opponent defends him and gives him back, the first with a kick serve, the second with a backhand, after Djokovic stayed in the rally with his incredible athleticism.
And it's a double pause. Djokovic forces mistakes by simply staying in the rally and discouraging his opponent until they pass. On this occasion, Tsitsipas takes a forehand opportunity in the middle and pulls it far from the right line. He has now lost consecutive 40-love service games.
5:53 pm
Djokovic 6-3, 4-2 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Two Djokovic-class discs, a forehand winner who Tsitsipas believes is crossing the court, are instead marbled on the line, followed by his first ace of the game. Nevertheless, there is a gap of light for Tsitsipas between 40 and 30 ... until Djokovic serves the backhand but foxes him by shooting her in the middle. Hold up to 30,
5:49 pm
Djokovic * 6-3, 3-2 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Djokovic's spectacular crosscourt winner inspires a march of 40 love for two, sealed with an amazing praise for the great Tsitipas, which he works far. Next, Tsitsipas misses an overhead and Djokovic has a breakpoint and the No1 seed grinds the rally at the breakpoint in his best defense until his opponent cracks and takes a forehand out of the game.
5:45 p.m.
Djokovic 6-3, 2-2 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Tsitsipas takes every opportunity in midfield and uses his power to dictate Djokovic, but the world number 1 knows he can target the backhand return every time and keep that at 30 after a few shaky moments.
5:39 pm
Djokovic * 6-3, 1-2 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Tsitsipas is now starting to channel his anger / passion by using that backhand to a devastating effect, bringing Djokovic together on the court, using his basic strokes to manipulate his opponent and using his size to give strength and create bounce .
5:36 pm
Djokovic 6-3, 1-1 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Tsitsipas is furious at himself again for trying to beat Djokovic when the rest of the pitch was open and his opponent was there. But the game's first double fault gives Tsitsipas breakpoint, his sixth. Djokovic saves it with a wide serve on the backhand, followed by a forehand on the cross court, which Tsitsipas cannot bring back into play.
A seventh breakpoint comes and goes as Djokovic takes over the return, throwing it deep into the line. Tsitsipas feared he was going to play the same stroke he'd used to defend the first one in the game, so he was running late. Tsitsipas hisses a forehand crosscourt winner to bring him back to Deuce, but Djokovic keeps working on the angles, letting him run and hitting him wrong when he can. Tsitsipas is angry.
5:25 pm
Djokovic * 6-3, 0-1 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Comfortable stop for tsitsipas. Calm way to comeback?
5:22 pm
Djokovic 6-3 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
A couple of backhand drops from Djokovic from Tsitsipas' return bring him to 30-Love and a scratchy forehand crosscourt gives him three set points. Tsitsipas defends the first of Djokovic's second serve, and the second is wasted when the world's number 1 screws a backhand beyond the right line. The third comes and goes not converted, a third mistake that has pulled the left line far up.
So he does it the hard way and keeps fighting when Tsitsipas looked dominant. Tsitsipas complains that a shot failed at Deuce during the rally, but he kept playing and it is not given and Djokovic has the advantage of a forehand winner.
5:16 pm
Djokovic * 5-3 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Tsitsipas rolls out the first ace of the game after Djokovic scores an unplayable drop shot that kisses the line. Then he stops and rolls away from his opponent, but the server holds up at 15 and loses little sweat to force Djokovic to serve for the set.
5:12 pm
Djokovic 5-2 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Casual mistakes creep into Djokovic's game. His usual approach on his serve is to go far on his opponent's backhand, which he is doing here on his second serve and it doesn't fall off. At 30, Tsitsipas screams in desperation as he flips a backhand, but he hits farther away and earns a breakpoint, which Djokovic defends with a posh stop volley on the net, exposing Tsitsipas' reluctance to hit the net. Tsitsipas hooks an inch-long forehand to heighten his frustration and Djokovic ends the game with a withered forehand.
5:05 pm
Djokovic * 4-2 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Tsitsipas from Athens has found his job and when Djokovic returns, he manages to misplay the number 1 in the world with his forehead. Lasts until 15. None of the pulsating rallies of the first semi-final so far. Djokovoc's electric pace on the pitch and his agility tend to rule this out.
5:01 pm
Djokovic 4-1 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Djokovic with a comfortable grip on 15 that instantly opens the pitch, provokes mistakes or finds the channels to place the winners.
4:57 pm
Djokovic * 3-1 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Better from Tsitsipas, who pushed Djokovic on the backhand in his left field. Tsitsipas seems to have enormous shoes. A real Claude Hopper, but they get him to stay at 15 on the court with some excellent drop shots and a scalding forehand.
4:53 pm
Djokovic 3-0 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Djokovic holds on to love. Tsitsipas is too hectic trying to assert his power, but his forehand punches boom for too long. Stage Fright?
4:52 pm
Djokovic * 2-0 Tsitsipas (* next server)
Djokovic only needs the first of his two breakpoints to cause the desired damage. Tsitsipas' sheer speed and mastery of the run forehand winner is ragged. Tsitsipas looks hasty and scared.
4:47 pm
Djokovic 1-0 Tsitsipas * (* next server)
Slow start of Djokovic in his red shoes - well, I was disgusted, now I'm trying to enjoy myself - goes down after stubborn serves and two curvy crosshandt-backhands-Love-40s. He defends the first with the more zipper in his serve and Tsitsipas cannot get it back. A brilliant backhand winner after shoving Greece's best long-range shot makes it 30-40 and takes it with a wide serve on Tsitsipas' backhand that he can't pick up again. Frew McMillan says he fears Tsitsipas will fight this service because he doesn't have a standard block on his backhand.
Djokovic takes advantage of a blistering forehand winner from a block return who sits up invitingly, but Tsitsipas fights back with a croaking forehand crosscourt as if Nadal was running for the backhand. After a length error by Tsitsipas, Djokovic meets a glorious crosshandt backhand winner. Another epic opening game.
4:38 pm
The roof is open
It's a cool autumn evening in Paris. Novak Djokovic will serve.
12:05 pm
good day
Novak Djokovic will face Stefanos Tsitsipas in the men's second semi-final after Diego Schwartzman and Rafa Nadal finished the first semi-final this afternoon. It's their seventh meeting, and the previous six have been split with three wins each. Djokovic won his only game on clay last year. Tsitsipas had to fight back from two sets against Jaume Munar in the first round, but for the 22-year-old Athens-born Baseliner from Monaco it has been pretty easy to sail since then. This is his second slam semi-final after losing to Nadal in Melbourne in 2019, but Djokovic as our correspondent Simon Briggs is feeling the strain and Tsitsipas has the aggressive style to take advantage of his stiffness:
The prospects of Tsitsipas are more difficult to assess. Djokovic said he had "some neck problems and some shoulder problems" in his own quarter-final win on Wednesday night. But Pablo Carreno Busta, his victim in that match, was skeptical. "Every time the game gets complicated," said Carreno Busta, "he seeks medical help." Perhaps there was something prophetic in Nadal's warnings about the tournament about the combination of new Wilson balls - slightly larger than the old Babolats - and cold temperatures. As he put it, "When the ball is super heavy, it becomes dangerous for the elbows and shoulders." Djokovic's fitness is key. Should these problems return, Tsitsipas' athleticism and well-rounded game should lead him to a first grand final. If not, the icy conditions in Paris could have been created for Djokovic - the man from the Serbian ski resort Mount Kapaonik - to find his way to the title.
Djokovic is confident that he will be painless at the start of the game and that he sees world number 6 as a formidable opponent.
"He's one of the best players in the world. Rightly where he is in the rankings." He has really played the tennis of his life for the past 12 months, won the World Tour Final and is very consistent with his results on all surfaces.
"He's got an all-round game. He's a big guy, a big serve. He's got guns, obviously serve and forehand, his backhand. He produces a lot of spin. He comes into the net. He can play aggressively. He can defend." good because he moves well. He really is a complete all-round player.
"I expect a really tough, tough game, tough challenge for both of us. Grand Slam semi-finals, that's what you expect. They expect you to play a top 5 top 10 player. I hope I do will." to be able to do my best and do my best. "

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