Now Car Thieves Are Using Wildlife Cameras

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We told you it was only going to get worse ...
Car theft has skyrocketed over the course of 2020, in part due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. We have seen that criminals not only become more aggressive when it comes to stealing cars from dealers and individuals, but they also turn to more creative measures. A report from the UK now details how thieves use wildlife cameras to track and steal classic cars.
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The program often begins with spotters checking out cars at local shows. When they find the make and model to steal, one of them cleverly hides a magnetic tracking device on the classic car. This way they can find out where the vehicle is being stored and then stake out that location.
Then these criminals will set up wildlife cameras around your property. It may sound bizarre, but these smart people use the cameras to figure out when you normally come and go from your house to determine when you are likely not home but your classic car is.
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It all sounds like something out of a movie, but that was in a nutshell in 2020. And just because this program is being used in the UK doesn't mean it has not yet been used in North America. We have seen crimes tested in one area quickly spread to another, such as:
The UK authorities advise owners of vintage cars to check their vehicle, especially the chassis, for magnetic tracking devices after returning from a trade show. They also say owners should be on the lookout for camouflaged cameras attached to trees on their property. Installing a set of surveillance cameras, an alarm for the garage, and a tracker on the classic car are also good ideas.
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We really hate to be right about the terrible trend of increasing car theft. Some automotive locations have tried to paint this rosy picture that the spike in car thefts isn't real or that it was a passing bug, but not us. We want readers to be provided with accurate information so that they can take appropriate action rather than not realizing how bad things are.
Source: The Telegraph
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