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A dog has been caught red-pawed sneaking into a forbidden room of the house and the footage has gone totally viral.
The sneaky pup named Beef first rose to internet fame when Google Nest uploaded the video to YouTube. Since then it has been shared on every social media platform imaginable and has garnered millions of views with each upload.
Much like the fiercely protective "nanny dog" who won't let her baby human climb the stairs, Beef clearly has a special bond with the little one of his family, judging by how much he loves sneaking into her room.
While we've seen before how hidden cameras have captured special moments — like the stepdad accidentally recording his bonus son saying "I love you" for the first time, or the mom having no idea she was the moment who saved her entire marriage - Beef's "Dirty Dancing" might just be the best honest moment of all time.
In the video's caption, Beef's owner explains, "This is my dog ​​Beef. Beef is not allowed in the baby room when we are not there. That day, the babysitter gave him free rein in the house, so he took full advantage of it. As you can see he really enjoyed himself.”
Beef's nursery antics were such a hit that the video was nominated for a Nestie, a Google Nest competition that awards prizes for the best customer-contributed videos captured with their Nest cameras. The category? Best choreography.
"It's so pure..."
The footage later made its way to TikTok, where users were amazed by Beef's secretive and odd behavior.
"I'm leaving my scent for the baby!" joked one user, pretending to be Beef.
"This is so pure," wrote another user.
"They said he couldn't enter the room on foot. You didn't say anything about crawling, that's up to you," joked another user.
So contagious is Beef's joy that the footage is sure to live on, manifesting itself in every social media app that comes next. Some viral videos are so classic that they go down in internet history and continue to spread joy wherever they go!
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The post-nursery cam captures the dog's odd behavior in the baby's room: "He Doesn't Know We Have a Camera Installed" first appeared on In The Know.
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