Oblivious UPS driver hilariously interrupts wife’s online shopping prank: ‘That guy deserves a raise for his timing’

A UPS driver goes viral for hilariously poor timing during a prank on a woman, and TikTok collapses.
Wife and mother of three, Melissa Beeler (@ melissabeeler2) forged the ultimate plan when her husband told her to stop shopping online - and the footage has now been viewed over 20 million times!
To thwart her budget-conscious husband, Melissa saved all of her empty boxes (supplemented by some donations from her friends), taped them up like new, and stacked them on her doorstep.
But Melissa's prank didn't quite go according to plan ...
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When Melissa recorded her husband's shocked reaction to her fake purchases, an actual delivery appeared to be on its way to her doorstep ...
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Just as Melissa's husband looks like he's "about to pass out," as one commentator put it, a UPS driver steals the show by walking up the path with two large packages in tow, and them casually in her pile adds empty boxes.
"I almost peed when the UPS guy happened to show up at the perfect time," says Melissa.
And judging from the comments her video received, it doesn't seem like Melissa is the only one laughing so badly that she pees her pants!
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"I laughed so much at your husband's expense ..."
Over 27,000 comments were received, all of which broke out on Melissa's prank.
“By far the best prank of all time! I almost peed, "laughed a user.
“I laughed so much at your husband's expense. Thank you! "Wrote another user.
"I'm not usually into april fools, but like this ... THIS is how it is done!" Commented one user.
“This is a perfect example of a good April Fool's joke. Nobody gets hurt or embarrassed or traumatized, ”shared another user.
But it wasn't just Melissa's prank or her husband's hilarious reaction that TikTokers loved. It seems that the UPS driver really stole everyone's heart!
"The UPS man knew exactly what the husband was thinking," laughed a user.
"This guy deserves a raise for his timing," commented another user.
"That's unbelievable. The UPS driver stole the show," wrote one user.
Thanks to Melissa's online shopping habits, her ignorant husband, and the timing of her UPS driver, millions of people around the world are enjoying a good laugh.
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