Oh Boy: AccuWeather Just Released Its Winter Weather Predictions for the Upcoming Season

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It's finally autumn, which can only mean one thing: winter is coming.
Depending on where you live, last winter was really miserable. Fortunately, things are looking better for the coming season. AccuWeather has just released its annual weather forecast for winter 2020-2021. Experts predict that a "generally mild winter" is possible for much of the United States.
A team of long-term forecasters, including senior meteorologist Paul Pastelok, analyzed global weather patterns and models to predict what will happen across the country after December 21.
"Near normal snowfall" is expected on the east coast and the region is likely to experience cold and snowy conditions at the beginning and end of the season, with a break in winter weather in the middle.
A cold snap could start the season in the southeast, and even Floridians may have to break out their jackets. However, temperatures are expected to moderate in winter. (Phew!)
If you live in the plains or Rockies, the weather may not be as predictable. "The middle of the nation can experience some large temperature fluctuations [and] dry and active periods," explained Paul, noting that there can be "periods of sub-zero cold". If you live there, buy yourself a new winter coat!
West Coasters should enjoy autumn while it lasts, as wintry weather may show up early this year. "Mountain snow and stormy conditions can hit Northwest, Northern California, and the Northern Rocky Mountains in late fall," Paul said. While you might not love snow, early storms are actually a good thing. It has been a devastating forest fire season in the area and the arrival of winter may finally put an end to it.
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