Ohio Police Arrest Mother for Killing 6-Year-Old Son Before She Reported Him as Missing

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Ohio police discovered that a mother killed her son after lying to authorities and reporting him missing.
The Washington Post reports that Brittany Gosney and her boyfriend James Hamilton went to a police station in Middletown, Ohio on Sunday morning to tell them they couldn't find their 6-year-old son, James Hutchinson. The officers quickly searched for the boy and exchanged information and photos of him.
Investigators soon found out that the 29-year-old mother's story was not true. Gosney actually ran her son over in her car in a park a few days earlier after trying to leave him there. He died from injuries to his body, and Gosney and Hamilton later threw his body into the Ohio River.
Gosney has since been charged with murder, abuse of a corpse and manipulation of evidence, while Hamilton has been charged with abuse of a corpse and manipulation of evidence. The other two children who lived in the couple's home were taken in by state authorities.
It is still unclear why Gosney killed her son. “The mother is not showing much remorse at the moment. But she confessed to doing this, "Middletown Police Chief David Birk said at a press conference. "She doesn't really say what the motive was."
Police said Gosney and her boyfriend drove all three children to Rush Run Park, where they allegedly tried to leave James. He tried to get back in the car so she ran him over and left him there. When she returned to the area 30 minutes later and found James dead, she put him in the car and drove home. The next night, Gosney and Hamilton allegedly drove to a bridge overlooking the Ohio River and threw James' body into the water.
Police considered the situation suspicious when it took the couple so long to file a report. "It was a little unusual because usually when you have a missing child the first thing you do as a parent is to contact the police," said Birk. "They said he was missing since Saturday night."
Police first went to the park to gather evidence but stopped searching and eventually arrested Hamilton and Gosney. When the couple confessed to the murder and disposal of his body, authorities searched for his remains in the river.
Gosney now has a $ 1 million bond. "I don't know how to deal with this," James' father Lewis Hutchinson told the Dayton Daily News. "I want justice for him, that's what I want.
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